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Happy Post Day

It’s been a busy few days in the madhouse with me taking on the role of Nurse Polly. Pluto seems to be getting better, but we are going back to the vets today to get one of his stitches checked. The monsters now both have stinking colds and I think Monster No2 is teething so you can imagine the snotty grizzly mess he is 🙁 then to add to the poorly brigade Sean and I have caught the cold too.

Thankfully we have still managed to get out a bit and Friday night we went to meet Monster no1s nursery friend in the pub (with his parents of course). While we were chatting it came up in conversation that the village is having a festival on 7th July and the nursery friends mum was organising it. Somehow this has led to me having a stall!! Over the weekend I busily checked through my stash and shopped for supplies as I now have just under two weeks to get myself organised.

Today the postman delivered just what I had been waiting for, my online orders from Fabric Inspirations and Backstitch. I would thoroughly recommend these shops as the delivery time is always fast and the fabrics are fabulous.

Look at the lovely packaging from Alice at Backstitch. These fabrics are Lu Summers Summersville Town, Lu Summers Scandi and Loulouthi Triflora.


I got these two great Alexander Henry pinup girls from Fabric Inspirations, they are Aloha! Vintage Pareo and Mirage Navy.


I did pick up a few more fabrics from Hometown in Rochester and some Amy Butler beauties in the sale in John Lewis


I plan on making make-up bags, zip pouches, purses, iPad and Kindle cases. I might make some bibs and shopping bags too if I get the time and knowing me I will probably think of a few other things as I go along. Mmm keyrings maybe?

As you can imagine my quilts have had to go on hold but once everything is ready for the festival I will be back to my floral squares again.

What have you got on the go this week? Why not leave a comment sharing your WIPs for the week.

If you are free on the 7th July and local come and say hi at The Aylesford Festival

My First Quilt Exhibition

I have been thinking about this for a while now, but I have finally decided to enter a quilt into an exhibition for the first time. Actually I’m really going for it and entering two! The exhibition is 31/8/12-2/9/12 and held in Aylesford, Kent. It is an annual event to raise money for a local charity, The Heart of Kent Hospice which is a great cause. I went last year and there was a great display of quilts as well as lots of fabric and others supplies to buy. Have a look here to find out a bit more about it.

At the moment both quilts are unfinished so I have got my work cut out, but hey I work well under pressure ha!

The first one is a single bed quilt I am making for Monster no1. He chose the fabrics (I think there maybe quilting in his future) which are mostly Aneela Hoey Sherbet Pips and I have finished the top. I decided to call it Go Fetch!


I plan on backing it in the same fabric (not decided how yet though) and I have some red polka dot on white for the binding.

The second is a lap quilt, about 51″ square, called Country Garden. I haven’t actually started sewing yet but I did finish cutting and planning it last night. I’m really liking it so far and can’t decide whether to keep it for my living room or sell it at the exhibition.


Sorry about the dodgy photo but I didn’t finish working on it until 2 o’clock this morning, I hope you can get the idea though. I love how all the clashing prints just all seem to come together. I’m not really sure what to do with the back though, what do you think? Something plain? Or maybe a bright larger floral, pink or purple? All ideas greatly received!

Well I suppose I should stop talking about it and start sewing, I have a busy few weeks ahead. Hope you enjoy your sewing this weekend too.

Just a quick hello

Well Hello! How have you all been? Made anything good so far this week? I have mostly been on Pluto watch since his operation Monday, so far he is doing really well. We have the vets tomorrow morning and it’s the big reveal, the bandage is coming off. Here’s a photo of him after we picked him up from the vets. (warning this involves a bald dog bum!)


Doesn’t he look pathetic! Bless him!

Although I’ve been busy as Nurse Polly I have managed to post my first tutorial, it’s a zip pouch which is a useful way to use your scraps. Let me know what you think, do my ramblings make sense? Too many photos or not enough?

Also I have added a new listing to my Etsy shop, here. Its a made to order listing where you can email me a drawing and I will embroider the image onto fabric. It’s a great gift idea. I decided to add the listing as I did this with a monster no1 original and got great feedback when I posted it on Instagram and Twitter.


Right hubby is getting the hump with me so I best put my iPad down and talk to him for a while.

Happy Sewing!

Busy. Busy. Busy.

I’ve had a good week this week make wise. Firstly (and the thing I’m most excited about) I posted my Handmade Gift Exchange gift to Claire over at Claireabellemakes. I posted it Friday lunch time and she was busy tweeting about it Sunday. After looking at Claires blog and following her on twitter I decided to embroider a line drawing of a camera for her to hang at home. I was so pleased she liked it as much as I enjoyed making it. Now I just can’t wait to receive my gift!


I also had two birthday presents to make this week, one for my aunt and one for a family friend. Neither of them had asked for anything in particular and I try to make as many of my gifts as possible so I opted for making them zip pouches. I think these are great as you can use them to hold anything, from your iPod when you go to the gym (other personal music devices are available 😉 ) to a little embroidery project to chuck (or place carefully, it’s up to you) in your bag for when you are bored on the train. The other advantage to these is they are pretty easy and quick to make.


As they are straight forward I thought it would be good as my first tutorial. I will add it to the site soon so keep an eye out over the next day or two.

As well as all my projects on the go this week we have been busy as a family this weekend. Saturday we all went to Monster no1s girlfriends house to celebrate her 4th birthday. Yup you did read that correctly I said girlfriend! I met her mum at anti-natal classes and we have been close friends ever since, and so have the kids, they are like a little old married couple and they are so funny to watch.

Sunday was Fathers day so we had a family picnic planned, this included our parents and my sister. The monsters were really excited and the dogs couldn’t wait to get to the park. Unfortunately Pluto was a little too keen and leapt out of the car boot when we arrived at the park. My car is big and for a little dog it’s a long way down. Pluto found this out the hard way, he managed to dislocate his knee 🙁 We took him to the vets and the decision was made to operate tomorrow. Fingers crossed it all goes well and he will be his normal self again soon.

On a brighter note, I have finally got my bum in gear and set up my Etsy shop. I have put a few bits up and I promise to add more on a regular basis so make sure you go have a look!

I think it’s about time for some sleep for me, so hope you all have a good week.

Monster No1s Birthday

What a weekend! Monster No1 (Jack as he is also known) turned 4 yesterday so we had a busy birthday long weekend. Saturday my lovely mum and dad took the boys out so Sean and I could get the flat tidy enough for friends to come round and to make the birthday cake. Sean is chief cake maker in our house so got to work making a Ben 10 Omnitrix cake, it turned out great.

Sunday we had a flat full of friends and family, it was lovely to see everyone (if not a bit noisy). There’s nothing like hyper kids running round with new toys and cake to eat! Monster No1 had a brilliant day and was spoilt rotten.

Monday we took the birthday boy to Legoland. We had torrential rain for the whole drive but were really lucky as it calmed down when we finally got there. The monsters had so much fun on the rides and spent a small fortune in the Lego shop before we left.

As you can imagine this morning I had two very tired, over stimulated monsters on my hands. The day did not go well, I had lots of tantrums to deal with but luckily Monster No2 actually had a sleep this afternoon. Monster No1 was busy drawing so I managed to get a bit of sewing in.

Last week I joined my first craft exchange, and two days later was assigned my giftee. I’m guessing most of you know how these work and have even done them yourself before, but just incase, here’s the jist of it. Everybody signs up, all the names are put in a hat (or really clever little computer program), each person then gets a name from the hat, this is there giftee. Once you have your giftee it’s pretty simple, you make a gift and post it to them. All exchanges vary, some have price limits or specify a particular craft or medium to use, but the principle is the same, everyone makes a gift and everyone receives a gift. It’s a great way to meet new people and learn new skills.

The craft exchange I signed up for is the Handmade Gift Exchange hosted by Craftaholics Anonymous. The next one is not until November but if you go take a look you can request an email to inform you when the next exchange opens.

Anyway I was assigned the lovely Claire over at Claireabellemakes and thanks to Monster No2s nap this afternoon I have managed to get the majority of it done today. Yay! I am desperate to tell you all about it but don’t want to spoil the surprise for Claire. Really hope she likes it.

Right it’s getting late and I have two birthday presents to make for tomorrow so I best get my bum in gear! I promise photos of all presents as soon as they have been opened.

Blog post número uno

So this is me being brave. I’ve been thinking about starting my own blog to record my sewing projects, successes and failures for a while now but just couldn’t bring myself to put pen to paper (or in this case finger to iPad). I’ve never written a diary but always wished I had, the problem is I’m too chatty, I’m a sharer and the thought of writing a diary seemed a little too isolated. Now a blog on the other hand is much more my style. I can say whatever I want and you lovely people (or person (thanks for reading mum!)) get to tell me I’m an idiot or you think my ideas, hopes and dreams are the same as yours.

I guess I should apologise in advance, I can ramble and go off on a tangent so if I do this please stay with me I will make sense eventually.

Right here’s the bit about me. I’m 28, happily married for 5 years to Sean. We have two gorgeous, if not a little (a lot) hyper boys.


Jack is 4 in a few days and off to school in September, I know everybody says it but the past four years have gone so quickly, it scares me that one day I’m going to wake up and he will be all grown up.


The baby of the family is Grayson, he is 18 months old and a little horror. I cannot take my eyes off him for a second, he loves to climb and do whatever he is not allowed to! Having said that both my monsters are comedians and always make Sean and I smile.


The last two members of our family are Poppy and Pluto, our dogs, they are also a little bit crazy so fit in perfectly. Pops is our 2year old Labradoodle, she is the soppiest horse/dog I have ever met. Last but not least is Pluto, he is our 1 year old Jack Russell cross Yorkshire Terrier, he can be noisy but loves cuddles oh and chasing rabbits.



I like to sew, a lot. I like buying fabric, a lot. I like talking about sewing and my husband, my mum, my dad, my sister and my friends are slowly getting bored of me. This is why I have taken the leap into blogsville, I hope you guys will enjoy reading about my projects and hopefully discussing your projects too. Another of my loves is photography, I am by no means David Bailey but I enjoy taking photos, of anything and everything, so be warned there will be lots of photos here, sometimes these will be of my family and friends or just things that make me smile.

Right, sorry for the seriously long introduction, but now it’s out of the way we can get to the good stuff. SEWING.

Over the last year I have gone from making a cushion because I couldn’t find what I wanted in a shop to selling pieces to friends and family. Over Christmas I even braved selling at a few small Christmas fairs to test the waters and making the majority of my Christmas gifts. Below are some of my completed projects.

iPad Case


Well I have probably over shared enough for today. Thank you for reading, I would love to hear what you think or if you have any questions or anything in particular you would like me to write about in future blogs (yes there will be more!)

Bye for now x