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Another Year Closer To The Big 3 0

Last Friday was my birthday, I turned 29. Now to some of you that might not be a big deal, 29 may have passed you by without a second thought but to me it was a big deal, a very big deal. After 29 comes 30, you know the big 3 0. To me 30 is the age you become a grown up, I don’t know why, there’s no logical reasoning, but to me 30 = ADULT.

There are a few milestones in your life that people think make you an adult and to be honest I’ve hit a few of them

– Own my own home
– Married
– Become a parent

I somehow managed to hit all these milestones and still not be an adult and to be honest I enjoy not being adult. So turning 29 felt like the last birthday I had to celebrate before its time to grow up.

Thankfully my hubby understands my crazy way of thinking and made sure I had an amazing birthday. Friday we had a chilled out day, we went to the garden centre and got loads of seeds for the allotment (I’ll give you a proper update on that soon!), then my mum, dad and sister came for dinner.


Sean cooked us a lovely curry and even made me this amazing cake!


I got lots of great gifts from friends and family too.


This hamper is screaming out for a matching polka dot picnic blanket don’t you think?


Saturday was the best bit of all. My birthday present from Sean and the monsters was a weekend break at the spa!! Me, my sister, mum and the rest of The Ladies Wot Stitch (my sewing group) spent the weekend at Hempstead House Hotel. We all had such a relaxing weekend, we had massages, chilled in the pool and ate far too much delicious food.


I would definitely recommend it and will definitely definitely be going back as soon as I can think of a good excuse to escape again!

The Big Reveal – WIP update

I have been waiting for a while now to share this with you so here goes…

Nearly a year ago I decided to start a sewing group, which is still going strong. We are a motley crew and I love them all to bits. We vary in skills and confidence with our sewing but we always have a giggle, we call ourselves The Ladies Wot Stitch.

Hayley is pregnant and due very soon, we are all excited to meet the baby and a few months ago I came up with the idea of making a gift for the baby from all of us. Only Tracey and I had ever made a quilt before so we needed to keep it pretty simple so that everyone could get there blocks done in time. We decided on a log cabin design, all the Ladies each made 2 blocks using fabrics that either reminded them of Hayley, or that they thought she would like. I made one block and put the quilt together.

Can you guess which block I made?

We used bold colours for the backing and scrappy binding to finish.


Monday last week was our last meeting before Hayley was 37 weeks so we thought it would be a great time to give her the quilt. I think we were all a little nervous to see what she thought of it. Thankfully she loved it! She was really surprised and kept telling us how much she can’t wait to wrap her new bundle of joy up in his quilt!