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WIP Update – Scrappy Trip Along

After what seems like forever the British weather has finally let me photograph my #scrappytripalong quilt.


I made it for Sean and as soon as I finished hand sewing the binding the monsters had it on his chair, I haven’t even managed to wash it yet!

To be honest as I was quilting this bad boy I really wasn’t sure, in fact I started to dislike it. I’ve never really felt like this with a project before and it upset me a bit, especially as it was a gift for hubby. I don’t know what it was that I didn’t like but it didn’t sit well with me. Once it was on the chair and I ignored it for a few days it finally started to grow on me, in fact I love it now and had great fun photographing it with monster no2 in the park.



The quilt top was made using only scraps, some of which were given to me by the lovely Karen. The backing is an Ikea bargain which is a firm favourite with a lot of quilters, I managed to get nearly 3m for £6! For the binding I went for a tape measure print which was actually a free metre from my loyalty card at Hometown, Rochester. So all in all this was a bargain to make, which I guess makes me like it even more.



Oh before I go, I’m sure you’re all aware that google reader is for the chopping block. If you are looking for a replacement I can highly recommend Bloglovin and if you click on the button below you can follow my ramblings. Great huh?

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My 1st Bloggiversary

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear blog, Happy birthday to you!

I can’t really believe it but I have been writing my blog for one whole year now! I feel like its gone so quickly, but on the other hand I don’t remember life before blogging. I’m really enjoying sharing little snippets of my life with the world, even if the world isn’t that interested ha!

It took a while for me to pluck up the courage to start blogging but I would say to anyone who is contemplating it – give it a go! It’s a good way to order your thoughts, it’s more fun than a diary and a great way to meet new people (even if only virtually).

I can’t exactly give my blog a birthday present (that would be a little weird right?) so instead to celebrate I’m offering 10% off any orders placed this week in my Etsy shop, including custom orders. Just use code BDAY1 at the checkout.

Getting My Yarn On

First things first, as promised the winner of the Roly Poly Pinafore pattern was Usairdoll, congratulations! Your pattern will be emailed to you soon.

A few weeks ago I mentioned I had a bit of a crochet masterclass with The Ladies Wot Stitch, which I really enjoyed. Since then I have spent a lot of time dreamily surveying Ravelry, my username is JAKandGEEGEE (surprise surprise) if you want to find me and say hi, also any help or advise will be greatly received! I even attempted my first proper project. I’ve been admiring all the crochet collars around both in the shops and online so figured I’d give it ago.

Ta Da!

Not bad for a first attempt, even if I do say so myself. I found a great, easy to follow pattern which you can find here. Now I’m totally hooked (get it “hooked”, I know I’m too punny) and have a couple of projects in the pipeline. The only real issue I have with crochet is the fact I have absolutely no clue about yarn. I couldn’t tell you the difference between Aran and DK?? I need to have a pattern that will tell me exactly what I need to buy and if it doesn’t I just have to hope and pray there’s a very knowledgable person who takes pity on my pathetically confused face when I’m in the shop.

How’s your yarn knowledge? Can you recommend any good websites, blogs or books to help me improve? Or if you are the yarn equivalent of a Jedi Master are you willing to share your wisdom?