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The First Rule Of Sewing Club……….

…..Is never put your pins next to your cup of tea. Well that’s according to Jacq anyway.

Yesterday I spent the day at the first meet up of a sewing group organised by my blogger friend Rachel Pinheiro. If you haven’t read or heard about Rachel’s blog you should definitely check it out, she creates beautiful garments on a regular basis and always has great tips to share. We meet up once a month to spend the day sewing, planning projects, helping each other and of course chatting.

Jacq, Emmie and Chris hard at work.

Rachel cutting out a bag

As it was our first meeting we all found it quite difficult to know what to take with us, 4 hours sounds like a long time so we wanted to take plenty to do but once we got going the time really flew. Some of the ladies took a few different projects but then couldn’t decide what to work on whereas I opted for taking a larger project than I knew would keep me busy for the day. Having said that I did also take a rucksack full of yarn just incase I changed my mind.

The project I chose to take is a birthday present for Monster no2. His birthday is in December and he is Wreck It Ralph crazy, so I’ve designed a quilt for his bed now he’s in a big boy bunk bed. I’m not the best at quilt design by any stretch but I figured Wreck It Ralph wouldn’t be too taxing as he is a pixelated computer game figure, plus I’ve got a bit of a thing for pixelated quilts so it was perfect!

I sketched up this design last week

I then spent the end of last week cutting just under 1,000 2 1/2″ Kona Solids squares ready to start sewing. I split the quilt into large sections to make piecing easier and started on Fix It Felix.


I did consider using varying shades of pattern fabric but I’m really pleased I went with the solids. Robert Kaufman Kona Solids offer such a wide range of colours, I had great fun with my swatch card matching all the colours I needed :). I managed to get every shade I wanted from Plush Addict, they carry a huge range of Kona Solids as well as loads of other great lines and haberdashery items.

This quilt is going to mean lots of night shift sewing and while Monster no2 is at nursery, he’s just too nosey for me to work on it while he’s around!