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Midweek WIP’s

Sorry for not posting last week but it was half term here so I had no spare time to sew or update you lovely lot on what I had (or hadn’t) been up to.

We had a great week with friends and my sister coming to stay. We visited The Living Rainforest which the kids loved and for just over £30 for a family annual pass it was well worth it. We managed to get out for a nice walk during a brief gap in the rain too so that made the dogs happy. We also took the kids bowling which we all enjoyed. It was monster no2’s first time and he loved it, as we were leaving he asked me when we could go again!

Here he is talking tactics with Daddy.


Although I’ve been busy having half term fun I have also managed to get on with a few projects.

I’ve had this UGLY pair of DKNY 90’s mum jeans hanging around for a while now. For years they haven’t fitted me but I just hung on to them to spur me on to lose weight and get back in to them. I’ve got to be honest I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought them, they are just so unflattering. I’ve finally lost enough weight to be able to wear them but they are hideous!


See they are seriously nasty! The thing is I just can’t bring myself to throw them away. Do you get that feeling about clothes? I can’t remember where or when I bought them, they don’t remind me of a special memory, but for some weird reason I just can’t chuck them out. So instead of them hanging limply, unworn, shunned by my other clothes in the wardrobe I decided to do some major upcycling. Those poor little outcasts got a make over. I grabbed for my scissors and chopped most of the leg off, seam ripped the hell out of the crutch and turned those bad boys into a skirt.


Much better don’t you agree? I even added a little Architextures scrap to finish off the front.


I’ve left the edge raw around the botttom of the skirt but topstitched about 1/4″ away from it in a blue thread to stop it fraying too much. I did want to use a heavier orange thread but my sewing machine had other plans.


I had a few words with my machine I swapped for a lighter weight thread and all went well.


I’m quite pleased with how the back looks but I can’t decide whether to add some embroidery to one of the pockets, maybe some blue circles to match the fabric on the front?


A few nights ago while watching tv I had the urge to make a little something so I grabbed my embroidery threads and got googling. I eventually came across this great tutorial for making Friendship bracelets. How cute is this?!


I’d forgotten how much I love making them, so expect to see a few more soon.

Before I go I forgot to share with you my finished EPP cushion I shared with you a few weeks ago. I ended up backing it with a green Summersville print and adding a dark pink binding to finish off. It now has pride of place on the sofa 🙂



Not Much Making But A Bit Of Buying

On the making front this week has been quiet, the only finish I have to share with you is my Chunky Infinity Scarf I started a few weeks ago. Originally I had intended for it to have a hood but because I went with a ribbed effect the scarf was crazy thick and swallowed up the yarn pretty fast (I ended up using just short of 400g of chunky yarn). The ribbing makes it so snug and warm plus the yarn is super soft, I just don’t want to take it off! I made it long so I have the option of wearing it loosely (like in the photos) or wrapping it round once more when it’s really cold.


It’s been really difficult to get a decent photo of my scarf thanks to the torrential rain we’re having right now but Monster no1 gave me a hand this morning on the school run. I think he did a pretty good job! Monster no2 also wanted to have a go, here is his shot.


Do you think he’s trying to tell me he doesn’t like my hat?

I might not have done much sewing this week but I have been busy. My mum came to stay for a few days so we took a trip to Eternal Maker, I picked up these Kokka beauties. The Rhino print is for a tablet case the hubby has asked me to make and I plan on making a small cross body bag with the cameras.


I’m also in the planning stages of a project I’ll share with you soon. I popped to Dunelm Mill and found some PVC coated cotton which is going to be perfect for it.


Seriously you can’t go wrong with owls.

Midweek WIP’s (Almost)

I know I’m a day late but yesterday just kinda got away from me. I had to do grown up stuff like housework and cooking Yuk! Anyway I’m here now although I haven’t got too much to share this week. We spent the weekend out walking with friends as the weather was finally dry enough so I didn’t get much sewing time.



It was so nice to be outside without getting soaked, letting the monsters explore the local woods, although we were all pretty muddy by the time we got to the pub for a cheeky pint!

The boys both wanted new scarves for the weekend adventures so they each chose some yarn and I got to work with my crochet hook. I opted for a simple stripey cowl. I can honestly say I had no influence on the colour choices.

Monster no1 chose quite mellow colours but brightened it up with the red which I really liked. Then there’s monster no2s scarf, I’ve called this the German Custard Cowl. It really reminds me of Birds custard and the German flag! I think their colour choices really show how different their personalities are.


I managed to finish one other small project this week, the little embroidery for my sewing room. I think it sums me up perfectly 🙂