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Midweek WIP’s

I haven’t got a lot to share with you this week. I have been busy sewing but something that’s still not quite ready to share yet. Hopefully it won’t be long now and I can tell you all about it, I’m so excited! I’ve been plodding along with my quilt and I made a cushion but that’s a gift so can’t show you that for a few weeks yet either.

Wow this is summing up to be a pretty boring post sorry! There is one other project I’ve started which I can show you (well a little sneak peek anyway). My mum, nan and sister came to visit at the weekend so we headed to Milestones Museum for a bit of family fun. We all had such a good time and I would definitely recommend it for all ages, at the moment they have a fun Lego exhibition on so the monsters had great fun finding all the Lego exhibits. While we were walking round looking at the vintage furniture my sister was telling me how she would love a blanket that she could have on her sofa once she moves into her own place. She wanted something with a retro feel, quite clashy colours that wouldn’t match any decor. I knew exactly what she wanted so told her I would accept her challenge. As soon as our visitors left I got to work making granny squares from what I had in my stash.


I’m a little ashamed to say that my yarn stash is pretty small. I haven’t been crocheting for that long so haven’t had a excuse chance to buy lots yet. Tuesday I headed to my local yarn shop and with the help of Monster 2 picked up some fun colours for Frankie’s blanket.


A nice start don’t you think? Now obviously this is a work in progress so I’ll be adding more colours as and when I see them. This is the perfect project to pick up when I have a spare few minutes or when I’m watching a film in the evening with the hubby. Do you have a nice long term project you work on when you only have a little time for something crafty? Something portable is always handy, good for when you’re waiting at school pick up or on the train to work.

Midweek WIP’s

I’ve enjoyed my sewing this week. My cousin gave birth to a little girl, she came early and I wasn’t exactly prepared gift wise so I whipped up this cute nautical themed skirt for her.


I didn’t have any elastic in my stash so I popped to Hobbycraft to pick some up and got slightly distracted by some tiny pompom trim. Well I just couldn’t resist it could I?


See, isn’t it just the perfect finishing touch. It might not look that tiny in the photos but the skirt length is only 6 1/2″ and the waist is 15″.

Sunday was sewing club day. I tried to be organised this month so only packed one project to work on. I opted for a quilt top that’s been neatly folded away for about a year now. If I’m honest I think I’ve just been avoiding it because I love making quilts but I find the actual quilting stage hard. Well Sunday was the day to get working on it. It was a lovely sunny day and the atmosphere at sewing group was great. I set to work basting while the sun shone through the window.


While we worked we all spent a lot of time discussing dress making, quilting, knitting and crochet. It was a lovely crafty chat!

The last project I’ve been working on this week has to stay secret for a little bit longer but I’ve been busy taking photos that I’ll be sharing with you soon.


A Month To Go To The Big 3 0

I’m not sure if you realised but yesterday was the 12th of March. “Yes Polly we know, what’s the big deal?” you may be thinking, well the 12th of March is the start of a big countdown for me, it’s exactly 1 month till I’m 30. 30. Actual 30. The big three zero. I’m not sure whether you can tell but I’m not exactly ecstatic about turning 30. To me 30 means I’m going to be a grown up. I know I have 2 kids, a husband, a car and a mortgage but none of that really means I’m grown up, but 30, that’s just instant grown up. I suppose really I would like to stay in my 20’s for just a few more years, I don’t want to be greedy, I’m just not quite ready to grow up.

Because of yesterday’s date I was not in the best of moods so decided to start a project that would keep my mind distracted for the day. So this little gem was born.


I don’t often work from a purchased pattern, I like the challenge of coming up with my own design and figuring out how to get to my finished item. This cross body bag was no different.


I wanted to push myself so included a recessed zipper for the main closure which I haven’t tried before, I found this tutorial a great starting point.


I also added an internal zipper pocket as I find them really handy for keeping little bits safe.



I lined the bag with this wicked moustache fabric from Riley Blake’s Geekly Chic collection and I even managed to get the moustaches up the right way in the pocket (more luck than judgement).

For the bag outer I used this awesome Echino cotton linen mix I picked up from Eternal Maker a few weeks ago and I added a pleat to each side to give a bit of shape. To make a little more room inside I boxed the corners.



For the strap I used some cotton webbing I had in my stash and the rings and slider I salvaged from a boring bag I found in a charity shop.


The bag cost me £3.05 which was less than buying the hardware online and paying for postage (plus I did my bit for charity).


The strap placement took me a few attempts, originally I had planned to attach the straps at the top of the bag on either side but it just looked too bulky and awkward so after a little swearing and a bit of help from my trusty unpicker I settled on attaching one end to the front and the other to the back. This looks so much better and (once I half twisted the strap before attaching it) lays nicely across my body.


For a first draught I’m pretty happy with my bag and would only make a couple of adjustments.

1. Unlike the tutorial I would attach both the outer and lining to the recessed zipper in one step rather than two.

2. Top stitch around the recessed zipper to prevent the lining catching.

3. Top stitch around the top of the bag to stop the recessed zipper moving around too much and for extra strength on the strap.

4. A heavier duty webbing or quilted strapping would be better.

The Procrastipost

Yes I know it’s Wednesday and you were expecting to see the words “Midweek WIP’s” but I’m just not feeling it today. Wednesdays should be my productive days, monster no1 at school and monster no2 at nursery, the house to my self, free to get on with my long list of projects. The thing is this morning it’s just not happening. I had set aside today to work on a bag pattern I would like to share with you guys, my first proper PDF pattern, but my brain has other ideas. So far I’ve been food shopping, popped to hobbycraft (just cos), had leftover pancakes (yum) and sat staring at my laptop for over an hour. I’ve even considered doing housework. Seriously what is wrong my my wandering mind? I just can’t seem to focus.

So now instead I’ve popped in to say hi to you, clear my thoughts and hopefully get focused again. Or I could just be using you as a crutch for all my procrastination needs. Well as I’m here I might as well show you my crochet hook roll I made this weekend.


This has to be the girliest thing I have made in a while, it’s not normally my style, but I love it because the monsters gave me the fabric I used as part of my Mother’s Day present last year and I’ve been saving it for a little project I can keep.

The outer fabric is a fairy tale princesses print which I attempted to free motion quilt (very badly) for the first time. I definitely need a lot more practice, you can’t see in the photo but consistency is not a word I can use yet when talking about stitch length!

The monsters also gave me the heart fabric that I used for the pocket and lining. It coordinated perfectly with the colours in the outer fabric.


And to tip it over the edge on the cuteness scale I finished the roll off with a scrap of lace I had left over from a previous project.


Oh can you believe it it’s lunch time. I best get on but thanks for keeping me occupied. I hope your day is more productive than mine!