Happy New Year!!

Can you believe it, 2015. I don’t know about you but I feel like this year has just wizzed by. It has been a busy year for us as a family since leaving Kent and moving to our new home in Hampshire but I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions we have made. We’ve really settled in and both Sean and I can’t believe how well the monsters have adjusted, making lots of new friends and enjoying our new surroundings.

January 2014 I set my self a few challenges on my little blog, hoping that seeing it in black on white would keep me motivated and I’m quite proud of how much I managed to achieve.

Close my Etsy shop.
This was definitely a good idea. It gave me so much more free time to spend with my family and friends as well as getting plenty of selfish sewing done (which I love).


Teach Monster no1 to sew.
We didn’t manage to finish his pin wheel cushion, as he lost interest, but he did make a sea snake for a school project which was brilliant.


– Work through my crafty to do list.
Well this is quite obviously an on going challenge. I’m constantly adding new things to my list but I have managed to cross quite a few makes off along the way.


– Make my own clothes.
Last August I had a bit of a reality check and realised that I needed to lose some weight and get fit again. I started following a Paleo lifestyle and trying to exercise more, which is probably one of the best things I’ve done in a long time. I’ve managed to lose 2 1/2 stone and dropped 2 dress sizes, I’ve got so much more energy and feel better in myself. Anyway, now that I’m not a blimp and actually a size I want to stay at, I figure it’s time to start making myself some clothes. The added bonus being I’ll need less fabric now that I’m smaller 😉 . To be honest I’m a little scared of this plan as I don’t really have a clue about making clothes that actually fit properly but we all have to start somewhere and thankfully my lovely sewing club buddy Rachel Pinheiro as volunteered to help me, Phew!
Thank you so much Rachel for setting me this challenge, I’ve fallen in love with dressmaking and plan on growing my handmade wardrobe through 2015. I have a couple of garments from 2014 still to share with you but thanks to the grey weather here and a case of flu I haven’t managed to photograph them yet. Once the monsters are back to school I’ll get my camera out and share them with you.


– Exercise more.
Self explanatory really. The weight I’ve lost has been 90% diet so it’s time to get toning, if you’re a mum reading this you can imagine the amount of work I’ve got to do on my jelly belly lol. I’m just hoping I can crochet while on a bike at the gym, multitasking at its best right?
Another on going mission. Up until our summer holiday I was doing really well but thanks to Christmas over indulgence (stuffs another truffle in mouth) I can feel my muffin tops slowly re-emerging. On a more positive note I have joined a great Yoga class and the hubs is buying some new equipment for our home gym (garage), now all we have to do is use it!


– Blog at least once a week.
Erm, I tried my best, surely I can only continue to improve this year??


Well I don’t think I did too badly over the year do you? I’m not setting myself a list for 2015, although it has been nice to look back and see how much I’ve done. I just don’t feel like 2015 is a list kind of year. 2015 is the year to go with the flow, see what comes my way and go for anything that takes my fancy. On the sewing front I’m already signed up for a few swaps which I really enjoy, I have a dress waiting to be cut out and a mountain of Farmers Wife blocks to catch up on so for now that will keep me busy. There will be crochet, but as yet I don’t know what and I hope to try some new crafts too. Do you have any new crafts or projects planned or any to recommend?

Family wise Sean and I have both agree fitness is a high priority for us. I would like to climb a mountain this year but we both need serious training before we do it so as of Monday we’ll be hitting the gym and getting plenty of walks in. The monsters were telling us how much they want to go on more holidays and see new places so I’m sure we will cram as much travel as possible in to 2015 too. Monster no1 has become a little obsessed with Bear Grylls so at every opportunity he wants to go off on an adventure even if it is just going on his scooter to feed the ducks.


I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and New Year and hope that 2015 brings you all the excitement and happiness you deserve!

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  • Julie Rowe:

    Pol, that was a lovely read. It was a very sad day for us all when you left Kent, we knew it was the best thing for you all and it is good to hear you say it.

    your great grandmother would be super proud of your sewing and crochet skills, you just need to conquer knitting now!!!!!!

    Oh and one more thing thank you for a fantastic Christmas and here’s to this year.


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