Photo A Day

I was having a quick blog catch up, as you do, sprawled out on my lush sofa reading Random Thoughts…Do or “Di”. It’s a great read you should all check it out, back to the point, Di has been following a bit of a game run by Fat Mum Slim. Each month Chantelle posts a list on her blog, each point on the list is a day of the month, all we have to do is take a photo for the word of the day. You then post your photo where everyone else playing can see it, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, it’s up to you. I love photography and am addicted to Instagram so thought this would be great fun! I’m just annoyed with myself I didn’t find it sooner.

Here is the list for August, why not join in too? If you do make sure to let me know by leaving me a comment so I can follow your progress. Also head over to Fat Mum Slim to find other people who are playing too.


Hope you have fun!

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