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Making for Someone Else

2014 was my year of selfish sewing. The year before I had been so busy making for others that I felt I didn’t get a really get a chance to try all the new sewing challenges and techniques I wanted. I felt I had become a little bit complacent about crafting in general. 2014 was a different year, I made selfish sewing a priority and crochet too for that matter. I even decided that Christmas I would give myself a break and not make everyone’s gifts. Having said all that I did make two Christmas gifts.

The first was for my sister. She had mentioned to me that she would love a crochet blanket, very bright, a real mixture of colours. Well challenge accepted! I have only ever made smaller crochet projects so this was going to be a big undertaking for me. I started it around Easter time and planned to work on it whenever I had some free time, a nice, relaxing, long term project, or so I thought.


I underestimated how much time it would take and ended up frantically working on it every spare second I had towards the end! I used a simple granny square block but all the colour changing took a lot of time.


I joined all the blocks with a cream colour which I think really lifts it and brings it all together.


Confession time. I don’t have any good photos of it yet as it isn’t completely finished. I was a lazy muppet and didn’t finish the ends as I went so I had to give it to my sister unfinished and then take it back. I’m now still steadily working through all those ends. Worst. Job. Ever.

The only other handmade gift I made was a secret Santa pressie for the Sewing Club Christmas lunch. At sewing club this year we all agreed that the lead up to Christmas would be manic so it would be better for all of us to have a Christmas lunch in January. That way we would all have more time to make our secret Santa pressies and it would give us something to look forward to after all the Christmas excitement.

So a few weeks ago we all rocked up for lunch in our Christmas jumpers (well most of us anyway), my mum even bought us all crackers!


We all put our handmade gifts into a bag then each took a turn to take one out, lucky dip style. I made this embroidery hoop craft storage which Emmie picked out.


This was a nice little make for the new year and great for stash busting too. I found some crafty themed fabric in my stash, layered them up to and stitched straight lines at different intervals to make the pockets. I added a simple crochet layer to the embroidery hoop so it matched the fabrics and also so the wooden frame didn’t catch on it. I stretched the fabric layers over the hoop and tightened to secure it in place.


To make sure the back stayed tidy and didn’t move I overlocked the edges of the fabric layers before putting them in the frame. Once I was happy with the fabric placement and the hoop was tightened I used my glue gun to stick the excess fabric to the inside of the frame. Handy hanging storage finished.

I pulled this cute little pincushion jar made by Annie out of the secret Santa lucky dip. You can never have too many pin cushions!

photo 1v2

My very clever friend Becca made this insanely cute purse, which my mum got.

photo 2v2

Rachel got these handy pattern weights that my mum made. How useful, I really must make some.

photo 3v2

I didn’t get a chance to photograph everyone else’s gifts but they were all equally as awesome. We all enjoyed a lovely lunch catching up and chatting about all things crafty.

What If We Didn’t Sew?

I’ve been thinking lately, what would I do if I didn’t sew? Have you ever wondered?

When people find out I sew they tend to give me a bit of a funny look and say in a slightly high pitch voice “oh really?” I know they think it’s a little odd but I just can’t understand why? I love spending my free time creating something new with fabric or yarn so I just can’t work out what they do instead?

If you didn’t sew how would you spend your time? Housework? Watching tv? I know what I’d rather be doing! I may live in a house full of boys but a living room floor covered in granny squares is definitely the norm. I wonder if I didn’t sew would we have family dinners at the dining table instead of me taping patterns to it to trace?

Since I discovered my sewing obsession I’ve had the chance to meet lots of friendly like minded people, many who have become great friends. How do other people make friends?

How different do you think your life would be if you didn’t sew?

Myrtle, She’s My Best Friend

I’ve got a new best friend. Her name’s Myrtle. She looks good in every colour and print imaginable and what’s best of all she likes both woven and jersey fabrics!!


This is the first Colette pattern I’ve tried and I was really pleased with the results. The Myrtle has two length versions, I started with the short version in a metallic stripe Jersey from Fabric House (of course!). There is also an option to add epaulettes but I decided to make it without.

Seriously how awesome is this fabric?!


The dress goes together reasonably quickly. I pre-cut and took it to our August Sewing club meeting, I managed all the sewing while I was there except closing up the waistband and hemming. Well actually I did get the waistband done but the stitching was a mess because I was rushing so I redid it when I got home.


Next up, a woven version.

IMG_4766v2The garden was really wet this morning, hence the wellies, although I think I can pull it off!

Although the pattern is supplied with instructions for making the dress in Jersey you can find instructions for using woven fabrics on the Colette Patterns website. I got some bargain, blue, floral viscose (I think) for something like £2 a metre from a shop in Goldhawk road. It was light and had a nice drape so I figured lets give it a go. I found some ready made bias binding in Fabricland which went perfectly with the fabric for the back of the neckline and armholes. It’s the first time I’ve used binding instead of facings and I love the finish, I’m not really a fan of facings so will try using binding more often.



I opted for the longer length and I think it works really well. Next time I make a woven Myrtle I would add a little extra to the seam allowance just to give me room for a nicer finish.


The dresses are so easy to wear, the jersey version was great on holiday with both heels and flats. The floral one I’ve worn since we’ve been home with a shawl for a party at a friends house and also dressed it down with a grey, boyfriend fit, cardi and a pair of converse. I really like the fact there are in-seam pockets too.

This is a great dress for me as the pattern is easy to follow and the finished dress looks a lot more complex than it actually is to make. I love how easy to wear the Myrtle is while the neckline adds a bit of interest. It’s definitely versatile too, how great would a velvet version look for winter with tights and boots? Or maybe even a maxi length version?

Schnitzel and Boo’s Mini Quilt Swap

I’m crazy late in sharing this post with you but to be fair I wanted to wait until my swap partner received their gift from me and I had received mine. As this was an international swap the snail mail took a bit longer. Anyway gifts were all received but then I was frantically sewing holiday clothes and the monsters were off school for the summer so it was a mad house round here.

We’re back from our holiday now and only a few more days then it’s back to school too so slowly normality is returning to Casa O’Meara. Finally I have a few minutes to share my swap photos.

Incase you haven’t heard of Schnitzel and Boo (what’s wrong with you?!) Kerry is super lovely and decided to organised an international, secret mini quilt swap.

I made a mini for the very talented Sarah from No Hats in the House. I have to admit I was a little nervous about what to make as her quilts are beautiful and I didn’t want her to be disappointed with her gift. I knew she liked monochrome so I started there.



After playing around with a few ideas I settled on this design.



Sarah had also shared that she loved international gifts so I included some English fudge and a selection of teas in London themed tins. I also made a little zip pouch with some sewing themed fabric because, well, you can never have enough zip pouches.


I was totally relieved when Sarah received her parcel and liked it.

I received my gift from Jade (@cr4zycupc4ke on IG) who completely spoilt me! She made me this brilliant mini quilt plus sent me a Hello Kitty overload, how awesome is that?!







I really enjoyed the swap and home Kerry organises another soon. In the mean time you can check out all the great mini quilts that were made in the Flickr group here.

A Serious Crafty Catch Up

Well hi there, how have you been? I don’t know about you but here at Casa O’Meara we’re all looking forward to the summer holidays, only a few days to go. The down fall to having the monsters at home for 6 weeks is my sewing time gets seriously cut. So before my project progress becomes non-existent I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to.

A few Sundays a go I got to spend a bit of quality time with Monster no1 helping him with his craft homework, he had to make a sea creature of his choice. After trawling the internet he decided on a banded sea snake, we raided my stash of felt and got to work.


It was great to see him really concentrating and enjoying using the sewing machine. I don’t think I’ve seen him sit still for that long since he started walking! He was so proud of his efforts, he did a brilliant job. I only had to help him sew the curve of the head and to close up the tail.


As well as homework I’ve been working on my handmade wardrobe. We’ve finally booked our holiday and I’m hoping to have plenty of handmade clothes to take with me. My project list is full of beach cover ups and lightweight easy to pack items. First tick off the to-make list was a quick little upcycle. My t-shirt I love but have sadly shrunk out of (yup that’s right!) was too ridiculously big to wear anymore so thanks to pinterest and my fabric scissors I chopped the sleeves off, changed the neckline and plaited the back.


Beach cover up done!


Next on my list – Lace t-shirt
I popped into my local haberdashery and for some reason this coral lace just called out to me, honestly it made me buy it. Next thing you know I’m skipping out the shop with lace and neon binding. I mean it could only end well 🙂


I already have an old lace t-shirt I bought a few years ago, its cheap but just the right size, so I used that to draught myself a pattern while Monster no2 took a rare nap.



To finish it off I decided to trim the hemline following the lace pattern, for a cute scallop edge. I love the neon binding and the dropped hem at the back, its little touches like that I like the most on handmade clothes, that’s when you get to really put your personality across.


My last project to show you for now is a fun little make up bag I made as a gift for a friend, I hope she likes it!


A Difficult Decision

Over the past few months my life has become increasingly hectic and with everything going on juggling family and my JAK & GEEGEE shop has become very difficult. After a lot of consideration I have decided to close my Etsy shop, leaving me more time to spend on my blog which I love writing, time with the monsters and Sean and (more importantly) I’ll have more time to sew just for fun. I’ve got a long list of projects that I’m desperate to have a go at but sewing for the shop has meant my poor list has simply been forgotten. A new year and a new sewing room have made me realise now is the time to start really enjoying sewing again.

So my big plans for 2014 are

– Close my Etsy shop
As of 31/1/14 my JAK & GEEGEE Etsy shop will be closed, my sale will be on until then so make sure if there are any items you want head to my shop before the 31/1/14.

– Teach Monster no1 to sew.
We started a pin wheel cushion in 2013 so we’ll be finishing that.

– Work through my crafty to do list.
I’m not going to share my list now, partly because it’s forever growing, but also I’ll be sharing each project with you as I go so don’t want to ruin the surprise.

– Make my own clothes.
Last August I had a bit of a reality check and realised that I needed to lose some weight and get fit again. I started following a Paleo lifestyle and trying to exercise more, which is probably one of the best things I’ve done in a long time. I’ve managed to lose 2 1/2 stone and dropped 2 dress sizes, I’ve got so much more energy and feel better in myself. Anyway, now that I’m not a blimp and actually a size I want to stay at, I figure it’s time to start making myself some clothes. The added bonus being I’ll need less fabric now that I’m smaller ;). To be honest I’m a little scared of this plan as I don’t really have a clue about making clothes that actually fit properly but we all have to start somewhere and thankfully my lovely sewing club buddy Rachel Pinheiro as volunteered to help me, Phew!

– Exercise more.
Self explanatory really. The weight I’ve lost has been 90% diet so it’s time to get toning, if you’re a mum reading this you can imagine the amount of work I’ve got to do on my jelly belly lol. I’m just hoping I can crochet while on a bike at the gym, multitasking at its best right?

– Blog at least once a week.
I do love my little blog, even if my mums the only reader (thanks mum xxx), but I have neglected you in 2013 only writing sporadically. Well this year I will write once a week, even if it’s just to say I’ve been lazy and not got anything crafty done. Honesty is the best policy after all.

I think I’ve got plenty to keep me busy, I feel better just writing it all down and am really looking forward to the year ahead. Have you got any big crafty plans for 2014? I’d love to hear about them!

My 1st Bloggiversary

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear blog, Happy birthday to you!

I can’t really believe it but I have been writing my blog for one whole year now! I feel like its gone so quickly, but on the other hand I don’t remember life before blogging. I’m really enjoying sharing little snippets of my life with the world, even if the world isn’t that interested ha!

It took a while for me to pluck up the courage to start blogging but I would say to anyone who is contemplating it – give it a go! It’s a good way to order your thoughts, it’s more fun than a diary and a great way to meet new people (even if only virtually).

I can’t exactly give my blog a birthday present (that would be a little weird right?) so instead to celebrate I’m offering 10% off any orders placed this week in my Etsy shop, including custom orders. Just use code BDAY1 at the checkout.

The Craft Bug. Watch Out It’s Highly Contagious

This is a public safety announcement. Please be warned there is a pandemic spreading like wild fire. It is commonly known as the craft bug.

I’ve had this bug for a while now and I have to be honest I LOVE IT! Do you know what’s better than having the bug yourself? Spreading it.

Last summer I started a sewing group and really had no idea how popular it was going to be. Well a year on and we are good friends, meeting up once a week to work on our projects and have a giggle. We have two new members and we have all agreed to try new crafts and teach each other new skills. Last Monday one of the gang, Tracey, gave us a crochet master class.

It was great learning a new craft, look at us all concentrating.


I can promise you there was plenty of laughing once we started to get the hang of it.

Here’s Meg, mine and my mum’s finished granny squares. Not bad for a first attempt huh?


Since The Great British Sewing Bee aired in the UK I’ve noticed that more people are taking an interest in what I do. I’ve had more people enquiring about The Ladies What Stitch, friends and family have been asking me about my current WIPs, even other mums on the school run have started asking me about the sorts of things I make. Until now very few people understood why I enjoyed it so much, but suddenly they’re interested, two of my friends from the school run have asked me to help them make quilts! I mean how amazing is that, I’ve really enjoyed talking them through the basics and helping them choose fabrics. What they don’t know is I plan on showing you guys some photos of their finished projects.

Lisa, a good friend of mine posted this on Instagram a few weeks ago and it made me feel really proud.


Since posting this photo she hasn’t stopped knitting, her and her mum Jacki are teaching themselves to crochet too.

How great are the phone case Lisa made and Jacki’s little flowers

It makes me so happy to know my friends have finally caught the bug and it’s thanks to me spreading it!

Happy Easter

Hi, remember me? So I guess I’ve been Bad Mrs Blog lady for quite a while now. I’m very sorry I’ve been a bit of a slacker but I have valid reasons (honest).

I was a busy bee with Mother’s Day orders at the beginning of the month and then basically since then my flat has been one giant germ. Me, hubby an the monsters have all had tonsillitis, colds, “other stuff” or a combination of all three, seriously not pleasant. Now we seem to just be a snot factory (mostly monster no2) but that I can deal with.

Anyway enough of the grim details, I just wanted to say that I am still breathing and working, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’m not lying and if you don’t follow me you can find me @jakandgeegee.

The main project I’m working on right now is a HUGE secret (shhhh don’t tell anyone) and I’m not working on it alone. I’m totally excited about it and can’t wait to show you the whole thing but for now here’s a sneaky peek.


Well I best be getting on with it so I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend however you’re celebrating. I’m spending most of mine in my pjs sewing, bliss!

Meeting New Crafty Friends

When I was younger my parents always taught me “never speak to strangers”. Then when the age of the Internet hit us they always told me “never arrange to meet up with strangers you meet online”.

Well sorry mum and dad, I have totally disobeyed you! I regularly talk to strangers at craft fairs, quilting shows, my local LQS as well as on twitter and Instagram. Last week I was really naughty and arranged to meet up with someone I talk to on Instagram!

A while ago I posted a photo on Instagram of my LQS and it transpired that it was also Rachel of House of Pinheiro’s LQS too! We were both quite excited about this and began chatting about our favourite shop. We agreed we should organise a sewing morning, with a little trip to Hometown (our LQS).

Well last Friday we finally did it. My lovely mum and dad had a play date with the monsters so I could spend the morning chatting and sewing with Rachel. I had such a lovely morning getting to know her, she is a warm, fun person who loves sharing her passion for all things crafty, if you haven’t visited Rachel’s blog you definitely should, she makes beautiful clothes but also likes to write about her other craft projects too.


Our meeting got me thinking, would I be happy if my monsters (when they were old enough to use the computer of course) wanted to go and meet up with a stranger they had been talking to online? My initial answer was no, but then after thinking a little more about it I’m not so sure what I would do? The Internet and the way we use it has changed massively over the years, it’s made the whole world smaller. Since joining this amazing virtual craft community I have made friends across the globe and if my bank balance would allow it I’d love to travel the globe, meeting them all in person. So I guess if my monsters had the opportunity to be a part of something as fun as this then maybe, just maybe, in the right situation I would let them meet up with a stranger. I mean how else can that stranger become a friend?

A week of WIPs

I don’t know about you but I find myself sewing all the time yet rarely make anything for myself/hubby/house. I make gifts for extended friends and family, complete orders but somehow last year I didn’t really make much for myself. I did start a few projects but they just got shelved, waiting for a spare few minutes of my time (when does that ever happen?!). I guess it’s the same as builders/plumbers or other trades, they do brilliant work for everyone else but their house is always last on the list.

Well I’m trying really hard to change this habit and actually finish some “me” projects. I love sewing for fun as well as work, it’s nice for there
to be no deadline, on the other had these WIPs need finishing!

So far I’ve completed two projects, the first was a simple Liberty print jersey skirt that I just had to put elastic in the waist band.


It’s nothing too fancy or complicated but they are so comfy. I adapted the pattern from this tutorial to make it.

The next finished WIP I’m really pleased with. You might remember back in October last year I went to the Knitting and Stitching show with my mum and picked up some AMH Field Study from The Village Haberdashery stand. I’d planned to make it into this great AMH bag, to use as my new day bag, Christmas soon arrived and so the bag got put to one side.


It is finally done!!! What do you think? I finished the lining at our Ladies Wot Stitch evening last night with the help of my mum and friend, Tracey. The pattern was pretty straight forward to follow, although a little wordy for my liking, a few more diagrams would have made life a little easier but I would definitely make it again.


The only niggly thing I found was when sewing in the lining pocket walls the pattern left raw edges showing inside the pockets. I really didn’t like the idea of this so mum and Tracey suggested adding some binding to the raw edge and putting the pocket walls in upside down.


I think it looks great like this, it gives a nice tidy finish to the pockets and adds a little flash of the leopard print to the inside. I love the way the bag turned out and have already filled it with all my crap!

It feels so good to start ticking things off my make list ( I do love a list) so the next WIPs to finish are –

Scrappy Trip Along quilt for Hubby
EPP cushion for my living room
Top secret gift project ( I will reveal all soonish)
Architextures quilt for me

Technically the Architextures quilt isn’t a WIP as the fabric hasn’t arrived yet and I haven’t even decided on a design but I’m just really excited for it to arrive so I can play with it!

Have you looked at your pile of WIPs lately? If you’re on Instagram why not show us what you’ve finished by using #finishit2013 you can find me on Instagram or Twitter @jakandgeegee, I’d loved to see you projects so feel free to tag me or say hi.

Pay It Forward

This week has really made me realise just how many kind, interesting and funny people I have had the pleasure of meeting, all thanks to my sewing machine. I feel lucky to say that some have even become good great friends.

Last summer I decided that I would start a sewing group, a way of meeting new people locally who enjoyed sewing, knitting and all things crafty, oh and eating cake. As far as I’m concerned The Ladies Wot Stitch (as we are now known) has been one of the best things I’ve done in a long time. From a couple of adverts posted on netmums and in local sewing shops, we have become a crafty, cackling group of 8 great friends. I have to be honest production levels aren’t always very high when we meet but we do have a giggle. It’s so nice to meet up once a fortnight, catch up with what’s been going on, moan about our husbands/kids/jobs and chat about all the crafty things we want to try out. Oh and eat cake. There’s always cake.

Monday night was our first meet up since Christmas so we decided instead of doing our normal crafty night we would go for a post Christmas dinner at a local pub. We had a lovely evening, lots of giggling, good food, wine and dessert. We’re an eclectic bunch but it just works.

Clockwise from top left – Tatum & Susan, Natalie & Hayley, Me & Julie (my mum), Tracey & Lyn.

Tuesday morning I received a lovely fabric parcel in the post from Karen at Blueberry Park. I helped her out by sending her some oilcloth she was finding hard to source and as a thank you she sent me these beauties. Thank you Karen! I’ve already started cutting them for my #scrappytripalong quilt. I am totally in love with the camping fabric!!


Earlier in the week I also decided to join in with the “Pay it forward” craze that’s happening on Instagram. Basically you offer to make 5 people a gift in 2013 and in return they have to make 5 more people a gift. Elisabeth over at Woozy Quilts offered to make 5 people a gift and I put my name down, we had a great chat via email sharing how we got into sewing and what sorts of projects we enjoy. It was nice to learn a little more about the person behind the photos I see every day on Instagram.

I guess I just thought by buying a sewing machine I would learn a new skill and have something to enjoy by myself. I never realised that buying that machine would lead to starting my own blog, sewing group, business and meeting (some virtually) so many new friends from across the globe as well as being able to make lots of gifts for my friends and family.

I think that 2013 is going to be a great crafty year for me. I’ve also decided I’m going to make a big effort to do something nice for as many people as possible this year, I’m going to try my best to make “pay it forward” my ethos for 2013. What do you think? Fancy giving it a go? Leave a comment and let me know how you are going to “pay it forward”.

New Year = New Projects

If any of you follow me on Instagram or twitter you may have noticed I’ve decided to join the Scrappy Trip Along. Over the new year Brenda over at Pink Castle Fabrics and Megan of Lucy and Norman started a bit if an Instagram viral quilt along. It’s a pretty simple quilt but really fun to do, it must be if so many of us have decided to give it a go right? Why not give it ago! The ladies have set up a Flickr group here or you can find us all on Instagram using #scrappytripalong. There is also a tutorial which is very easy to follow here

Here’s my first 6 blocks, I know they are a work in progress but you get the idea, oh and sorry about the dodgy socks, my feet are really cold this evening.

You might remember in November I took part in the Craftaholics Anonymous Handmade Gift Exchange, well my gift from the lovely Gina arrived.


As you can see she really did spoil me (and my family) rotten. She made me not 1 but 4!! scarves, which somehow she managed to make in colours that all go really well with my petrol blue coat. A tote from Joanns, some perfume, coffee for hubby, popping candy and a quarter each for the monsters, even some Alaskan salmon treats for the dogs. It was like a second Christmas when this amazing package arrived!! I can’t thank Gina enough for her generosity.

Before I go I’ve finally remembered to show you a couple of the Christmas gifts I made. My dad got my mum a new tablet for Christmas so I made her a case for it, to match her make-up bag I made for her birthday, she does loves Snoopy.


And for my forever travelling sister I made this Atlas tote. I made it to fit hand luggage requirements so she can take it with her on any of her travels. I made sure I put Asia on the outside, it’s her favourite place.

Don’t forget you can still use code NEWYEAR13 to receive 13% off in my Etsy shop.

A New Year gift from me to you

Happy New Year! I hope you all had wonderful Christmases and have lots of fun (crafty) plans ahead for 2013.

Sean, the monsters and I have a relaxed night with neighbours planned, then New Year’s Day I plan to stay in my pjs all day, playing games, eating, sewing and maybe a bit of online sales shopping too.

Now I know I didn’t get you anything for Christmas (sorry about that!) so I thought instead I’d give you a little gift for the new year. How about 13% off everything in my Etsy Shop, that includes custom orders. All you need to do is visit my shop as normal and at the checkout use the code NEWYEAR13. If you like something in my shop but would prefer it in a different print or colourway please contact me either on Etsy, here, twitter or Facebook and the order will still receive the discount.

The code will be valid until January 13th 2013.

Happy New Year!!

Merry Christmas, Love Me

I’m thinking this is my last chance to write before the big day, from here on in me, Hubby and the monsters will be busy finishing making gifts, wrapping, baking, prepping veg and visiting friends and family. I love it all so much, not just receiving presents but giving them and the lead up to Santa’s visit.

I’m sorry I’ve been a bit quiet (again) but I have had a few Christmas fairs and orders to get done plus all the usual December planning to organise. I’m pleased to say I’ve only got two presents left to finish making but ALL the presents still to wrap! I’ve got all the food organised though, my final count is 12 for Christmas Day so we should have lots of fun. What do you do Christmas Day, have a houseful or escape to somewhere else?

Hubby, the boys and I took a day trip to Basel, Switzerland at the weekend to visit the Christmas Markets. We had a good day walking round the town, eating from the market stalls and listening to the brass band. We were a little shocked by how much rubbish there was in the town, but we didn’t let that spoil our day. Sean, the lovely man that he is, treated me to two tree decorations from the renowned shop of Johann Wanner. The shop was a treasure trove of all things Christmas, unfortunately there was no photography allowed in the shop so you will have to settle for photos of my purchases on my tree.



I could have spent a fortune in there, but my budget didn’t meet my wish list and also glass doesn’t travel well on a flight with small children!

I can finally show you a few of my finished projects that I have had to keep secret.

Firstly Gina, my partner for the Handmade Gift Exchange organised by Craftaholics Anonymous received her gift yesterday.


This is the second time I’ve joined this swap and I really enjoyed this swap again, I’ve made what I hope to be a great friend who I wouldn’t have had a chance to meet without the swap as she lives in Alaska. Gina has been great fun to get to know and I’m so pleased to hear she loves her gift. I can’t wait for mine to arrive either!

I made this large zip pouch for my friend and hairdresser, Lisa, for her birthday.
I thought she could use it for all her scissors and combs for work.

This iPad case was a custom order, but I really wanted to keep it myself!

This fun draught excluder, for the lovely Claire, owner and maker of Mummybird Pretties

I’ve also had lots of bib orders and few tree decorations too!

The rest of my projects have to stay secret for a little longer but I promise photos after the 25th.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!