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What a disaster!

Sorry I have been quiet the past few weeks, I have been crazy busy with the on going colds we have all had (monster no2 and I are still coughing Grrrr!) and the Stock for my stall at the Aylesford festival which was on Saturday.

I managed to get everything I wanted to made and all packed up ready for the stall by Friday night, mainly thanks to my mum and dad taking the boys out a couple times so I could work in peace and my darling hubby for making the dinner most nights! I got to my pitch bright and early Saturday morning to get set up (did I mention it was outdoors?), Gazebo up, table up, then the rain started 🙁 and continued on and off all morning, not a good start. Mum and Dad arrived to help finish setting up and they were shortly followed by hubby, the monsters and the mutts. The monsters loved the live music and monster no1 really enjoyed running around with his friends from nursery.

Unfortunately due to the rain the turnout was much less than expected and by lunchtime the rain became torrential. Gazebos were being blown over, my stock was getting wet and shoppers vanished. At the same time as the rain started monster no1 wandered off. It was so frightening, he had been playing football with some friends and decided to walk off to the other side of the festival and play on the swings. Luckily our friends had helped organise the event and between them, hubby, my sister, my parents and I he was quickly found. He is always so good at playing where we can see him but I think that the excitement of the day took over a bit, I have never been so worried and felt so hopeless before and hope I never feel like that again. That was the final straw for me, we packed up and left, soaking wet, stressed and no sales, not my best day that’s for sure.

Here’s my stall, I will list all the items in my Etsy shop, so feel free to check it out.



Happy Post Day

It’s been a busy few days in the madhouse with me taking on the role of Nurse Polly. Pluto seems to be getting better, but we are going back to the vets today to get one of his stitches checked. The monsters now both have stinking colds and I think Monster No2 is teething so you can imagine the snotty grizzly mess he is 🙁 then to add to the poorly brigade Sean and I have caught the cold too.

Thankfully we have still managed to get out a bit and Friday night we went to meet Monster no1s nursery friend in the pub (with his parents of course). While we were chatting it came up in conversation that the village is having a festival on 7th July and the nursery friends mum was organising it. Somehow this has led to me having a stall!! Over the weekend I busily checked through my stash and shopped for supplies as I now have just under two weeks to get myself organised.

Today the postman delivered just what I had been waiting for, my online orders from Fabric Inspirations and Backstitch. I would thoroughly recommend these shops as the delivery time is always fast and the fabrics are fabulous.

Look at the lovely packaging from Alice at Backstitch. These fabrics are Lu Summers Summersville Town, Lu Summers Scandi and Loulouthi Triflora.


I got these two great Alexander Henry pinup girls from Fabric Inspirations, they are Aloha! Vintage Pareo and Mirage Navy.


I did pick up a few more fabrics from Hometown in Rochester and some Amy Butler beauties in the sale in John Lewis


I plan on making make-up bags, zip pouches, purses, iPad and Kindle cases. I might make some bibs and shopping bags too if I get the time and knowing me I will probably think of a few other things as I go along. Mmm keyrings maybe?

As you can imagine my quilts have had to go on hold but once everything is ready for the festival I will be back to my floral squares again.

What have you got on the go this week? Why not leave a comment sharing your WIPs for the week.

If you are free on the 7th July and local come and say hi at The Aylesford Festival