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New Year = New Projects

If any of you follow me on Instagram or twitter you may have noticed I’ve decided to join the Scrappy Trip Along. Over the new year Brenda over at Pink Castle Fabrics and Megan of Lucy and Norman started a bit if an Instagram viral quilt along. It’s a pretty simple quilt but really fun to do, it must be if so many of us have decided to give it a go right? Why not give it ago! The ladies have set up a Flickr group here or you can find us all on Instagram using #scrappytripalong. There is also a tutorial which is very easy to follow here

Here’s my first 6 blocks, I know they are a work in progress but you get the idea, oh and sorry about the dodgy socks, my feet are really cold this evening.

You might remember in November I took part in the Craftaholics Anonymous Handmade Gift Exchange, well my gift from the lovely Gina arrived.


As you can see she really did spoil me (and my family) rotten. She made me not 1 but 4!! scarves, which somehow she managed to make in colours that all go really well with my petrol blue coat. A tote from Joanns, some perfume, coffee for hubby, popping candy and a quarter each for the monsters, even some Alaskan salmon treats for the dogs. It was like a second Christmas when this amazing package arrived!! I can’t thank Gina enough for her generosity.

Before I go I’ve finally remembered to show you a couple of the Christmas gifts I made. My dad got my mum a new tablet for Christmas so I made her a case for it, to match her make-up bag I made for her birthday, she does loves Snoopy.


And for my forever travelling sister I made this Atlas tote. I made it to fit hand luggage requirements so she can take it with her on any of her travels. I made sure I put Asia on the outside, it’s her favourite place.

Don’t forget you can still use code NEWYEAR13 to receive 13% off in my Etsy shop.

Merry Christmas, Love Me

I’m thinking this is my last chance to write before the big day, from here on in me, Hubby and the monsters will be busy finishing making gifts, wrapping, baking, prepping veg and visiting friends and family. I love it all so much, not just receiving presents but giving them and the lead up to Santa’s visit.

I’m sorry I’ve been a bit quiet (again) but I have had a few Christmas fairs and orders to get done plus all the usual December planning to organise. I’m pleased to say I’ve only got two presents left to finish making but ALL the presents still to wrap! I’ve got all the food organised though, my final count is 12 for Christmas Day so we should have lots of fun. What do you do Christmas Day, have a houseful or escape to somewhere else?

Hubby, the boys and I took a day trip to Basel, Switzerland at the weekend to visit the Christmas Markets. We had a good day walking round the town, eating from the market stalls and listening to the brass band. We were a little shocked by how much rubbish there was in the town, but we didn’t let that spoil our day. Sean, the lovely man that he is, treated me to two tree decorations from the renowned shop of Johann Wanner. The shop was a treasure trove of all things Christmas, unfortunately there was no photography allowed in the shop so you will have to settle for photos of my purchases on my tree.



I could have spent a fortune in there, but my budget didn’t meet my wish list and also glass doesn’t travel well on a flight with small children!

I can finally show you a few of my finished projects that I have had to keep secret.

Firstly Gina, my partner for the Handmade Gift Exchange organised by Craftaholics Anonymous received her gift yesterday.


This is the second time I’ve joined this swap and I really enjoyed this swap again, I’ve made what I hope to be a great friend who I wouldn’t have had a chance to meet without the swap as she lives in Alaska. Gina has been great fun to get to know and I’m so pleased to hear she loves her gift. I can’t wait for mine to arrive either!

I made this large zip pouch for my friend and hairdresser, Lisa, for her birthday.
I thought she could use it for all her scissors and combs for work.

This iPad case was a custom order, but I really wanted to keep it myself!

This fun draught excluder, for the lovely Claire, owner and maker of Mummybird Pretties

I’ve also had lots of bib orders and few tree decorations too!

The rest of my projects have to stay secret for a little longer but I promise photos after the 25th.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Handmade Gift Exchange Winter 2012

Today I signed up for the latest Handmade Gift Exchange, organised by Linda over at Craftaholics Anonymous. This will be the second time I’ve taken part in Linda’s exchange, the first was earlier this year (you can read more about it here). Last time I opted for the UK only section of the exchange, but this time I’ve signed up for the international, I think it will be great to make friends with someone a bit further afield and hope they like whatever I decide to make.

Sign up is open until 7th November, then you receive your partner on the 8th/9th. This time it is slightly different, instead of being anonymous like last time, you make for the same person that makes for you. I’m hoping this way I will be able to learn more about my partner and hopefully gain a new crafty friend.

If you are thinking of joining a swap but haven’t done so before I would recommend this as your first. I found it good as there was no minimum spend and no theme, there is no skill level so you don’t feel that pressure of “will it be good enough?” (well that’s how I felt anyway). The whole point of it is to meet new people and try making new things. Lets be honest everybody likes to receive something in the post, whether big or small, especially if it has been made just for them!