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Exciting Time for my LQS

If you regularly ready blog you will know that I get most of my sewing essentials from Hometown in Rochester. Since I really got into sewing, especially quilting, Marion and her team have always gone above and beyond with their brilliant customer service and advise. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve gone in there with my two noisy monsters in to and Marion or another member of staff have kept them occupied while I spend a good 10 minutes deciding which shade of pink matches the current project I’m working on.

I don’t think I would have been so confident to try new things over the past two years if I hadn’t had the support of the Hometown ladies.

This is why today I couldn’t have felt more pleased for Marion. Today was the opening day for Hometowns new, larger store. They haven’t moved far, just a few doors down Rochester High Street but what a difference! The store is much larger, allowing for much more fabric and other goodies to be beautifully displayed, there is plenty more browsing space as well as a shiny new classroom which I am sure will be in regular use.


I’ve got a poorly Monster no1 off school today but I really needed to pop to Hometown and grab a few bits. I decided to go there before picking up Monster no2 from nursery which meant I needed to be at the shop for when it opened. We arrived at the shop just before they opened the doors so it turned out that Monster no1 was the first customer! Marion greeted him with a big smile and announce she was so pleased such a loyal customer was the first to visit the new shop. She made him feel really special letting pick a free fat eighth for being the first customer, she even asked to take his photo.


How chuffed does he look!


And this is the fabric he chose. He’s asked to make a cushion with it so an afternoon soon he is going to attempt his first proper sewing project. I’m so proud he is interested in sewing, who says sewing is for girls?!

If you leave nearby you should definitely go and have a look round Hometown, I managed to spend a small fortune in no time at all, I got a friends birthday present and Mother’s Day presents too! Although sometimes online shopping can be cheaper you can’t beat your LQS, it’s a great place for inspiration and advise along with all your at stitchy supplies.

Meeting New Crafty Friends

When I was younger my parents always taught me “never speak to strangers”. Then when the age of the Internet hit us they always told me “never arrange to meet up with strangers you meet online”.

Well sorry mum and dad, I have totally disobeyed you! I regularly talk to strangers at craft fairs, quilting shows, my local LQS as well as on twitter and Instagram. Last week I was really naughty and arranged to meet up with someone I talk to on Instagram!

A while ago I posted a photo on Instagram of my LQS and it transpired that it was also Rachel of House of Pinheiro’s LQS too! We were both quite excited about this and began chatting about our favourite shop. We agreed we should organise a sewing morning, with a little trip to Hometown (our LQS).

Well last Friday we finally did it. My lovely mum and dad had a play date with the monsters so I could spend the morning chatting and sewing with Rachel. I had such a lovely morning getting to know her, she is a warm, fun person who loves sharing her passion for all things crafty, if you haven’t visited Rachel’s blog you definitely should, she makes beautiful clothes but also likes to write about her other craft projects too.


Our meeting got me thinking, would I be happy if my monsters (when they were old enough to use the computer of course) wanted to go and meet up with a stranger they had been talking to online? My initial answer was no, but then after thinking a little more about it I’m not so sure what I would do? The Internet and the way we use it has changed massively over the years, it’s made the whole world smaller. Since joining this amazing virtual craft community I have made friends across the globe and if my bank balance would allow it I’d love to travel the globe, meeting them all in person. So I guess if my monsters had the opportunity to be a part of something as fun as this then maybe, just maybe, in the right situation I would let them meet up with a stranger. I mean how else can that stranger become a friend?

A good week all round

You best get comfy, I have a lot to talk (well write) about today. I’ve had a lot going on the past week, don’t you love it when that happens, lots of little things to get excited about and sometimes big things too. I’m hoping the rest of the summer holidays will be as busy, I need to keep the monsters occupied.

Anyway back to my week. I had an order for some bandana bibs, so off to one of my favourite fabric shops I went, Hometown in Rochester, Kent. I love it in Hometown, the staff are always friendly and really helpful, they don’t mind the monsters “helping” me shop either so I get more time to rummage through the bolts! I haven’t been in for a while so all the new fabrics were a nice surprise, I struggled to resist the urge to spend a fortune, I’m sure you can understand that 😉

My customer also wanted some Skull print which I found at Fabric Inspirations, I went for a great Kokka print.


I have had a few customers buy multiple bibs in an order, so I decided to trial a special offer of 5 bibs for the price of 4. I’ve been pleased with the response so will be adding it to my Etsy shop soon.

I finally received my exhibit numbers for the HOKH Maidstone Quilt Show, my quilts are numbers 29 Country Garden and 30 Go Fetch! If you are going give them a wave. It all seems real now, I guess I should pull my finger out and get them finished.

The monsters and I have been busy buying the last few bits for our camping trip which is coming up soon, they were so excited to get their sleeping bags, not sure how well they will sleep in them once we get away though. It’s the first time we have been so it should be interesting, 4 adults, 4 monsters and 3 dogs, it’s not going to be a quiet week.

By Friday with all the excitement I was knackered and knew we had a busy weekend ahead. I was just settling down to have a cheeky cider, watch the opening ceremony and finish making my lovely friend Sam’s birthday present (for the next day, I love a bit of pressure me) when the phone rang. I nearly didn’t answer but I’m so glad I did. It was a lovely lady called Louise ringing to tell me that an allotment was available if I wanted it. Of course I said yes! We are all so excited, living in a flat we don’t have much room to grow so the allotment will be great. We are sharing it with our neighbours, Lyn and I are off down there tomorrow to have a good look at our plot and start planning. Be warned I will be boring you to death with a new topic very soon, the highs and lows of fruit and veg Ha!

Saturday was a busy day, I had double booked us so it was a mad dash for Monster no1’s swimming lesson, a quick change then off to Sams for her youngests birthday, then on to my Great Aunts house for a lovely afternoon in the garden. The monsters had a great time riding round in Great Uncle Tims mini tractor and we all ate too much BBQ.




As you can see my Mum and cousin enjoyed the tractor as much as the monsters, if not more.

Next stop was to drop the dogs home then back to Sams for a few cheeky glasses of vino, a fashion show from Sam and a mammoth Nerf Gun battle (the adults not the monsters oops!). I had made Sam a skirt from some lovely Liberty print Jersey and a make up bag from a texty print I had in my stash.



We all had a great time and as you can imagine we all slept well Saturday night. The monsters were shattered Sunday and were still recovering today.

Last little thing before I go, I just wanted to say thank you to the very talented Karen over at Blueberry Park. She very kindly sent me a bag of pretty scraps she didn’t need, so I will be using those for key fobs and cards. Make sure you check out her blog it’s a great read and look through her shop, Karen prints her own fabrics which are to die for.

Happy Post Day

It’s been a busy few days in the madhouse with me taking on the role of Nurse Polly. Pluto seems to be getting better, but we are going back to the vets today to get one of his stitches checked. The monsters now both have stinking colds and I think Monster No2 is teething so you can imagine the snotty grizzly mess he is 🙁 then to add to the poorly brigade Sean and I have caught the cold too.

Thankfully we have still managed to get out a bit and Friday night we went to meet Monster no1s nursery friend in the pub (with his parents of course). While we were chatting it came up in conversation that the village is having a festival on 7th July and the nursery friends mum was organising it. Somehow this has led to me having a stall!! Over the weekend I busily checked through my stash and shopped for supplies as I now have just under two weeks to get myself organised.

Today the postman delivered just what I had been waiting for, my online orders from Fabric Inspirations and Backstitch. I would thoroughly recommend these shops as the delivery time is always fast and the fabrics are fabulous.

Look at the lovely packaging from Alice at Backstitch. These fabrics are Lu Summers Summersville Town, Lu Summers Scandi and Loulouthi Triflora.


I got these two great Alexander Henry pinup girls from Fabric Inspirations, they are Aloha! Vintage Pareo and Mirage Navy.


I did pick up a few more fabrics from Hometown in Rochester and some Amy Butler beauties in the sale in John Lewis


I plan on making make-up bags, zip pouches, purses, iPad and Kindle cases. I might make some bibs and shopping bags too if I get the time and knowing me I will probably think of a few other things as I go along. Mmm keyrings maybe?

As you can imagine my quilts have had to go on hold but once everything is ready for the festival I will be back to my floral squares again.

What have you got on the go this week? Why not leave a comment sharing your WIPs for the week.

If you are free on the 7th July and local come and say hi at The Aylesford Festival