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October round up

Can you believe another month is done? I feel like the beginning of the year was quite slow but now the weeks are just all blurring into one.

I’ve had my hands full this past week as its been half term so I’ve got to be honest I’ve been a bit slack with “Photo A Day” but anyway here is what I managed this month.


The 13th I was at the Knitting & Stitching show and was so busy shopping that I forgot to take a photo Oops! As for the last week the monsters and craft fair prep has had me very busy. To be honest I feel a little disappointed I didn’t get more taken but will definitely make the extra effort for November.

So here’s Novembers list –

If you haven’t read my blog before or heard of Photo A Day then head over to Fat Mum Slim’s blog, she’s the mastermind behind it all. The rules are pretty simple, each day you take a picture to represent the given word for the day and them post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Flickr for everyone else to see. Follow me on twitter pr instagram to keep up to date with my photos and I will follow you back 🙂

Another Month Gone

I can’t believe how quickly this month has gone! We’ve had a lot of change around here with Monster no1 finally starting school, but we seem settled in to the new routine. I’m really pleased he has settled in so quickly, although I’m not surprised, he is so confident and out going he easily makes friends (I don’t know where he gets it from??).


Looking back its actually been pretty relaxed around here, we managed to spend a lot of time together as a family before my sister left for Spain, which has been really nice. We also had my mum and Sean’s birthdays which meant lots of cake and eating out, which can’t be bad can it!

Here’s my Photo a Day round up, I’m really pleased I managed to get a photo every day. Did you give it a go this month? How did you do?

Chantelle has put Octobers list up over on her blog (you can find it here) and I’ve put the list below too. I would love to know if you are joining in too so if you let me know in the comments below where you post your photos I will follow you.

On the sewing front I’ve had a few custom orders this month which is great as I need the distraction while I wait for my AMH bag pattern to arrive. Don’t forget I am happy to take custom orders so if you are after something special please email me or convo me on Etsy.


I had strict instructions from Monster no1 last night to make him a new pencil case as his old cheapy one broke yesterday. Here’s what I came up with


I’m a sucker for a bit of Summersville! I lined it with a bright red solid scrap I had and a matching red zip, job done.

Just before I go, I’ve listed some new items over in my Etsy shop, including a few Christmas Stockings and Advent Calendars, ready for you to peruse.

August Round Up

Morning, it is Saturday morning here, I’m laying on the sofa in my pjs while the monsters eat there breakfast writing this on iPad.

I like to catch up on my blog reads on a Sunday morning and today is no different, one of the first blogs that popped onto my screen was the lovely Lily’s Quilts. On the 1st of the month Lynne does a great link up post called Fresh Sewing Day, where she tells us all of the projects she has managed to finish for the month and allows readers to link up theirs too. Well I do like a link up it’s such a great way to find new, interesting blogs to read and hopefully make some new bloggy friends too! I also really like the idea of a monthly round up, I don’t know about you but I am a list writer, you can’t beat looking at a list of all the things you need to get done and it’s covered in ticks because you’ve managed to do it. I feel like Lynnes post is like a pretty list all covered in ticks and I like it!

Here is my ticked list, it’s not a long as I would have liked but we have been away and I’ve been busy getting Monster no1 ready for school Aarghhhhh!

20120901-081928.jpgCustom order Bandana Bib and Burp Cloth Baby Bundle, Country Garden Quilt, Go Fetch! quilt, Custom Order Phone Case.

Hopefully Septembers list will have more ticks, I’ve got no excuse as I will only have Monster no2 at home once Monster no1 starts big school.

As its a round up blog I thought I would also bore you with my Photo A Day photos, as new projects go I was quite pleased, I really enjoyed it and only missed two days.


I’ve enjoyed doing this so much I’m going to carry on with it, here’s Septembers list for any of you who feel the same.


You can find all the rules (there aren’t that many), instructions and the list (I do love a list!) over on Fat Mum Slims blog, she’s the mastermind behind this fun photography project. The basics are, save the list somewhere, each day you take a photo about the word for that day then share it on Twitter/Flickr/Instagram or anywhere else you want to show it off. It’s a great little reminder of what you have been up to and I find it fun to do.

Photo A Day

I was having a quick blog catch up, as you do, sprawled out on my lush sofa reading Random Thoughts…Do or “Di”. It’s a great read you should all check it out, back to the point, Di has been following a bit of a game run by Fat Mum Slim. Each month Chantelle posts a list on her blog, each point on the list is a day of the month, all we have to do is take a photo for the word of the day. You then post your photo where everyone else playing can see it, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, it’s up to you. I love photography and am addicted to Instagram so thought this would be great fun! I’m just annoyed with myself I didn’t find it sooner.

Here is the list for August, why not join in too? If you do make sure to let me know by leaving me a comment so I can follow your progress. Also head over to Fat Mum Slim to find other people who are playing too.


Hope you have fun!