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Schnitzel and Boo’s Mini Quilt Swap Round 3

Late last year Kristi opened up sign ups for round 3 of the Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap over on Instagram. Of course I signed up and this time I also volunteered to be a swap mama too. For those not in the know swap mamas help coordinate the swap by making sure their group of swap partners all give and receive a mini quilt, if for any reason somebody has to pull out then the they arrange for an angel to send to the partner instead. Swap mamas also try their best to help their swap group with any queries they may have. This was the first time I’ve been a swap mama and I’m so glad I did it, I really enjoyed helping out both Kristi and my group, their were well over 800 participants in this round so you can imagine the logistical nightmare that could be!

My partner had said she liked bright colours so I went with it and made a bear paw block mini using some nice, bright, solids.


I backed it with an Ikea print I had left from another quilt (which I’ve still not finished!) and added a hand written label.



I also included a few little extras, including some of my favourite chocolate bars.


I was a very lucky girl, I received this super package from my partner who turned out to be one of my sewing friends Pippa! I was so excited that my partner was someone I knew and she’d managed to keep it a secret! She completely nailed it! Get it?!


When Pippa was posting progress photos on IG I had fallen in love with it so you can imagine how pleased I was when I opened my parcel! She also included some awesome extras for me, all wrapped in cute paper.



The little house is adorable and how handy are those flight safe scissors?! I’ve got to be honest that chocolate did not last more than 2 minutes!! All in all it was a pretty great round, I’m just hoping there will be a round 4 soon.

Midweek WIP’s

I’ve enjoyed my sewing this week. My cousin gave birth to a little girl, she came early and I wasn’t exactly prepared gift wise so I whipped up this cute nautical themed skirt for her.


I didn’t have any elastic in my stash so I popped to Hobbycraft to pick some up and got slightly distracted by some tiny pompom trim. Well I just couldn’t resist it could I?


See, isn’t it just the perfect finishing touch. It might not look that tiny in the photos but the skirt length is only 6 1/2″ and the waist is 15″.

Sunday was sewing club day. I tried to be organised this month so only packed one project to work on. I opted for a quilt top that’s been neatly folded away for about a year now. If I’m honest I think I’ve just been avoiding it because I love making quilts but I find the actual quilting stage hard. Well Sunday was the day to get working on it. It was a lovely sunny day and the atmosphere at sewing group was great. I set to work basting while the sun shone through the window.


While we worked we all spent a lot of time discussing dress making, quilting, knitting and crochet. It was a lovely crafty chat!

The last project I’ve been working on this week has to stay secret for a little bit longer but I’ve been busy taking photos that I’ll be sharing with you soon.


New Year, New County, New Sewing Room

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fabulous break and Father Christmas bought you everything you wished for.

My Christmas, well actually the whole of December was pretty insane. Monster no2 turned 3, 2 of our closest friends got married, oh and we moved house………..the weekend before Christmas. As I’m starting to write this I now understand why people were acting like I was insane on hearing our plans.

I’ve known my friend Jess since I was at uni, we met at our Saturday job and have been close friends since. A few years ago her and her lovely husband (eek!) Louie moved away for his work so the wedding meant a trip to Liverpool for us. I mean how perfect was that the week before Christmas, a cheeky trip to a beautiful city, maybe squeeze in a bit of shopping and then home in time for a big family Christmas at ours. Well that was my plan when we got our invite earlier in the year but then the beginning of November Sean came home and announced we were being relocated to Hampshire. Lucky girl you may think but here comes the best bit, we would be moving before Christmas. Now imagine me frantically driving backwards and forwards from Kent to Hampshire to find a house, school and nursery. Well I managed it but the only day we could move in was the day AFTER the wedding. So no shopping for me 🙁

Thanks to lots of help from my amazing mum, dad, sister and friend Sam I somehow managed to get us moved and to the wedding without any major catastrophes. We had a great time at the wedding, Jess looked amazing and I’m so glad we got to share such a special day with them.


As a wedding present I made a pixelated heart quilt. All the patterned fabric used in the quilt top were “love” themed and for the back I used the last of my Ikea number print.


After the wedding we had a few days to unpack and Christmasify (that’s a real word you know) the new house ready for our 5 guests arriving Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner for 11 of us Christmas Day.

My very hungry family

A little Christmas Dinner

The monsters and Aunty Frankie

Just call her Rudolph

Luckily I’d planned ahead when it came to making Christmas presents for everyone and just about managed to get everything finished before having to pack up all my sewing stuff for the move.

I made the monsters a Teepee. All the fabric is camping or outdoor themed and I used a fun black cobweb print for the tubes to hold the poles.

My dad wanted something to keep his SatNav in, not overly exciting I know but it’s what he wanted. I went for this fun print that reminded me of The Two Ronnie’s.

My mum loves anything nautical, the more anchors the better, so I chose a navy nautical print from Sevenberry for her quilted clutch. I also added a little zippered pocket inside which I lined with a bright pink and orange stripe fabric I had in my stash.


I made both my Nan’s a set of pot holders each, one festive themed (an Alexander Henry print) and a scrappy one.

For my sister I made a Crochet slouchy beanie. I used a Aran weight yarn so it was nice and chunky.

These Dresden plate cushions were for Sean’s parents.

I also made a few smaller gifts which I didn’t get a chance to photograph.

The best thing about the move for me was my sewing room. I finally have my own (very small) room, all to myself, just for me to fill with all my sewing goodies. Hopefully now the monsters are back at school and things are settling down I can start putting my room to good use and get sewing, I’ve got lots of crafty plans for 2014.


Wreck-It Ralph Quilt

Sorry I’ve been quiet, I’ve been very busy making lots but unfortunately it’s all Christmas gifts so I can’t tell you about them yet!

I can finally give you an update on Monster no2’s Wreck-It Ralph quilt. It’s the monsters birthday today, he managed to make it to the grand old age of 3! I feel like this past year has just flown by and he has really grown up and become so much more confident in himself, I think that has a lot to do with him starting nursery which he loves.

Monster number 2 is a die hard Wreck-It Ralph fan, we have to watch it everyday, sometimes even twice. In the UK there doesn’t seem to be many Wreck-It toys available so I decided to make him a Wreck-It themed quilt. You can see how I started planning here.

It took me a while to get it finished as I could only sew when he was at nursery or in bed (he stopped napping when he was 1) so it meant a lot of night sewing, but I managed to get it done in time…..just. I wanted to be as organised as possible for this project so I cut all my fabric first and bagged up each colour separately. I’m so glad I took this approach as it made piecing so much quicker. I split the quilt into 5 sections, each character was a block and then the large band of black in the middle. I opted for a black binding so that it didn’t detract from the characters and used a fun bright red star print for the backing. The quilt top was all Kona Solids from Robert Kaufman and the back was a bargain I found on EBay.


I really struggled to decide how best to quilt it, I didn’t want to ruin the pixelated look of the characters but fancied going for straight lines. In the end I went for horizontal lines for the black and then for the characters I followed the features of the faces in coordinating colours. This left the back with fun abstract versions of the characters.

Overall I’m really pleased with how it turned out but the most important opinion belongs to Monster no2.


I think he likes it, he’s currently snuggled up in bed with it.

After having 6 super excited, sugar filled kids running round all afternoon/evening I’m off to crash out on the sofa and watch The Lone Ranger with the hubby.

Oh before I go look at the amazing cake my super amazing friend Sam made for Monster no2, it’s a chocolate Brownie Piñata cake.


When you cut it open sweets fall out of the centre, SO TASTY! Thank you so much Sam you’re a star x

The First Rule Of Sewing Club……….

…..Is never put your pins next to your cup of tea. Well that’s according to Jacq anyway.

Yesterday I spent the day at the first meet up of a sewing group organised by my blogger friend Rachel Pinheiro. If you haven’t read or heard about Rachel’s blog you should definitely check it out, she creates beautiful garments on a regular basis and always has great tips to share. We meet up once a month to spend the day sewing, planning projects, helping each other and of course chatting.

Jacq, Emmie and Chris hard at work.

Rachel cutting out a bag

As it was our first meeting we all found it quite difficult to know what to take with us, 4 hours sounds like a long time so we wanted to take plenty to do but once we got going the time really flew. Some of the ladies took a few different projects but then couldn’t decide what to work on whereas I opted for taking a larger project than I knew would keep me busy for the day. Having said that I did also take a rucksack full of yarn just incase I changed my mind.

The project I chose to take is a birthday present for Monster no2. His birthday is in December and he is Wreck It Ralph crazy, so I’ve designed a quilt for his bed now he’s in a big boy bunk bed. I’m not the best at quilt design by any stretch but I figured Wreck It Ralph wouldn’t be too taxing as he is a pixelated computer game figure, plus I’ve got a bit of a thing for pixelated quilts so it was perfect!

I sketched up this design last week

I then spent the end of last week cutting just under 1,000 2 1/2″ Kona Solids squares ready to start sewing. I split the quilt into large sections to make piecing easier and started on Fix It Felix.


I did consider using varying shades of pattern fabric but I’m really pleased I went with the solids. Robert Kaufman Kona Solids offer such a wide range of colours, I had great fun with my swatch card matching all the colours I needed :). I managed to get every shade I wanted from Plush Addict, they carry a huge range of Kona Solids as well as loads of other great lines and haberdashery items.

This quilt is going to mean lots of night shift sewing and while Monster no2 is at nursery, he’s just too nosey for me to work on it while he’s around!

Bloggers Quilt Festival Fall 2013 – Group Wedding Quilt

This is my first time entering the Bloggers Quilt Festival organised by the lovely Amy. If you’ve not heard about the festival head over now and learn all about it, or even better enter a quilt!

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you probably already know that I hold a sewing group once a week at my house. If you’re new to my blog hi and thanks for popping over!

We called our group The Ladies Wot Stitch and we’ve been meeting up for over a year now. We all like different crafts, some of us sew, some crochet or knit but we all really enjoy each others company.

Earlier this month one of our group, Natalie, got married. Her and her husband had a beautiful ceremony in Cyprus, then last Saturday they had a lovely reception party locally for us all to celebrate with them.

As a wedding gift the rest of The Ladies Wot Stitch and I decided to make them a Wedding Quilt. We opted for a turquoise, white and grey colour scheme and I came up with a simple heart themed pattern. Not all of the ladies have made quilts before, or even used a sewing machine, so I tried to keep it quite straight forward for all levels.


For the centre of the quilt my clever mum, Julie, cross stitched their name and the date they got married. We all wanted to incorporate some cross stitch into the quilt as Natalie always has a cross stitch project on the go and she is forever telling us how much her husband moans about the amount of cross stitch they have in the house. We just knew it would put a smile on her face!


To stabilise the fabric to enable my mum to cross stitch onto the quilting cotton she used some dissolvable Aida. She said it was great, once you have finished your work you simply soak it and tease the dissolving Aida away. I plan on giving it a go on a future project as I really liked the look of the finished block.

We were all really happy with the finished quilt. I love how everyone’s personality comes across in their block. It’s funny how when a group of people are given the same set of instructions how they interpret it, how different we all see colours and patterns.

For the back we chose Robert Kaufman Spot On wide quilt backing in Steel. I decided to keep the quilting light as I didn’t want to take away from everyone’s hard work.

We gave Natalie the quilt at the reception party. I think her expression says it all.


This might not be the most complicated quilt but I really enjoyed making it and I think it was just right for the occasion. I’m so proud of our group, especially the members who had never attempted patchwork before and I think that the quilt sums up our friendships perfectly.

WIP Update – Scrappy Trip Along

After what seems like forever the British weather has finally let me photograph my #scrappytripalong quilt.


I made it for Sean and as soon as I finished hand sewing the binding the monsters had it on his chair, I haven’t even managed to wash it yet!

To be honest as I was quilting this bad boy I really wasn’t sure, in fact I started to dislike it. I’ve never really felt like this with a project before and it upset me a bit, especially as it was a gift for hubby. I don’t know what it was that I didn’t like but it didn’t sit well with me. Once it was on the chair and I ignored it for a few days it finally started to grow on me, in fact I love it now and had great fun photographing it with monster no2 in the park.



The quilt top was made using only scraps, some of which were given to me by the lovely Karen. The backing is an Ikea bargain which is a firm favourite with a lot of quilters, I managed to get nearly 3m for £6! For the binding I went for a tape measure print which was actually a free metre from my loyalty card at Hometown, Rochester. So all in all this was a bargain to make, which I guess makes me like it even more.



Oh before I go, I’m sure you’re all aware that google reader is for the chopping block. If you are looking for a replacement I can highly recommend Bloglovin and if you click on the button below you can follow my ramblings. Great huh?

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The Big Reveal – WIP update

I have been waiting for a while now to share this with you so here goes…

Nearly a year ago I decided to start a sewing group, which is still going strong. We are a motley crew and I love them all to bits. We vary in skills and confidence with our sewing but we always have a giggle, we call ourselves The Ladies Wot Stitch.

Hayley is pregnant and due very soon, we are all excited to meet the baby and a few months ago I came up with the idea of making a gift for the baby from all of us. Only Tracey and I had ever made a quilt before so we needed to keep it pretty simple so that everyone could get there blocks done in time. We decided on a log cabin design, all the Ladies each made 2 blocks using fabrics that either reminded them of Hayley, or that they thought she would like. I made one block and put the quilt together.

Can you guess which block I made?

We used bold colours for the backing and scrappy binding to finish.


Monday last week was our last meeting before Hayley was 37 weeks so we thought it would be a great time to give her the quilt. I think we were all a little nervous to see what she thought of it. Thankfully she loved it! She was really surprised and kept telling us how much she can’t wait to wrap her new bundle of joy up in his quilt!


Strive For Perfection, Or Maybe Not?

So, I’m sitting here in my little sewing corner, surrounded by strips for the #scrappytripalong quilt that I’m making for hubby and I can feel myself slowly getting more and more wound up with my seams.

I’ve never thought of myself as a perfectionist but instead have always had the attitude of “just do your best”, but as I look at these little squares, not quite perfectly matched up a bit of me inside crumbled. Why do I spend hours coveting the perfect seams of my fellow sewing bloggers an IGers?

I guess somewhere deep down we all just want to be perfect, we want to be the best at something. Then it hit me, does hubby really care about how perfect those points are when he is snuggled up on the sofa under his quilt with a beer in hand and watching a film? Do the monsters care if their quilts are not a perfect rectangle when they are busy using them to make tents for there adventure to the North Pole (also known as the hallway). Well obviously the answer is a resounding No. So why am I putting so much pressure on myself and zapping the fun out of this quilt along the way??

Now I’m not saying I’m just not going to bother at all but I mean we can’t all be perfect, “just do your best” is good enough for me. I know the people who receive my handmade gifts always have a big smile on their face and are grateful that I have taken the time to share my love by spending my time on something just for them. At the end of the day that’s all that matters and you never know, maybe one day my points might actually line up!

It’s Here, It’s Here!

I had a very happy mail day yesterday, my order from Sew Fresh Fabrics arrived. You can find Sew Fresh Fabrics on Etsy here, they offer a great service and delivery is nice and quick.


Yup isn’t it pretty! Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander FQs!! I have been waiting to get my hands on this lovely collection for a while now, but haven’t been able to find the entire collection easily available in the UK (the lovely Justine over at Simply Solids had it but she sold out before I could place an order

New Year = New Projects

If any of you follow me on Instagram or twitter you may have noticed I’ve decided to join the Scrappy Trip Along. Over the new year Brenda over at Pink Castle Fabrics and Megan of Lucy and Norman started a bit if an Instagram viral quilt along. It’s a pretty simple quilt but really fun to do, it must be if so many of us have decided to give it a go right? Why not give it ago! The ladies have set up a Flickr group here or you can find us all on Instagram using #scrappytripalong. There is also a tutorial which is very easy to follow here

Here’s my first 6 blocks, I know they are a work in progress but you get the idea, oh and sorry about the dodgy socks, my feet are really cold this evening.

You might remember in November I took part in the Craftaholics Anonymous Handmade Gift Exchange, well my gift from the lovely Gina arrived.


As you can see she really did spoil me (and my family) rotten. She made me not 1 but 4!! scarves, which somehow she managed to make in colours that all go really well with my petrol blue coat. A tote from Joanns, some perfume, coffee for hubby, popping candy and a quarter each for the monsters, even some Alaskan salmon treats for the dogs. It was like a second Christmas when this amazing package arrived!! I can’t thank Gina enough for her generosity.

Before I go I’ve finally remembered to show you a couple of the Christmas gifts I made. My dad got my mum a new tablet for Christmas so I made her a case for it, to match her make-up bag I made for her birthday, she does loves Snoopy.


And for my forever travelling sister I made this Atlas tote. I made it to fit hand luggage requirements so she can take it with her on any of her travels. I made sure I put Asia on the outside, it’s her favourite place.

Don’t forget you can still use code NEWYEAR13 to receive 13% off in my Etsy shop.

HOKH Maidstone Quilt Show

In case you didn’t know (and if you do sorry for keep going on about it, last time I promise) over the weekend I entered two quilts into the HOKH Maidstone Quilt Show. It was the first exhibition I have entered and it was only a small local event to raise money for the Heart of Kent Hospice, but like I say it was my first so quite a big thing for me. I was really nervous about my quilts being on display for people to see, I know I post pictures on here but somehow that seems different.

I went along on Friday to see my quilts and all the others on display, the monsters and Sean came too. My quilts stuck out like a sore thumb, most of the other quilts were more classic in style and then there were my two, bright colours and bold prints with lots of polka dots involved. I wasn’t expecting to win but while we were there Sean heard a couple of women talking about my Country Garden quilt and they were saying it was their favourite of the show. To me this was just as good as winning, they didn’t know who made it, they didn’t know me, they just liked my work. Sean has been so supportive of me and my sewing and for him to hear this was great, he was so proud and came straight over with a beaming smile to tell me. Here’s the mushy bit I don’t really do mushy so get ready) I am so glad that I have an amazing husband who puts up with his crazy sewing lady wife, he doesn’t mind if the house is a tip, he has to make the dinner or do the washing, he doesn’t even mind listening to me talking about new fabrics and giving me his opinion on new designs. I love him so much and wouldn’t swap him for anything (even if he does snore!)

Right now that’s over with here are a few photos from the exhibition.

A very proud Monster no1 with his quilt

Country Garden

Oh What a Mystery

Baby Brit

Black & White Fantasy

Tiny Town

This is a close up of the Gas Station on Tiny Town, too cute!

August Round Up

Morning, it is Saturday morning here, I’m laying on the sofa in my pjs while the monsters eat there breakfast writing this on iPad.

I like to catch up on my blog reads on a Sunday morning and today is no different, one of the first blogs that popped onto my screen was the lovely Lily’s Quilts. On the 1st of the month Lynne does a great link up post called Fresh Sewing Day, where she tells us all of the projects she has managed to finish for the month and allows readers to link up theirs too. Well I do like a link up it’s such a great way to find new, interesting blogs to read and hopefully make some new bloggy friends too! I also really like the idea of a monthly round up, I don’t know about you but I am a list writer, you can’t beat looking at a list of all the things you need to get done and it’s covered in ticks because you’ve managed to do it. I feel like Lynnes post is like a pretty list all covered in ticks and I like it!

Here is my ticked list, it’s not a long as I would have liked but we have been away and I’ve been busy getting Monster no1 ready for school Aarghhhhh!

20120901-081928.jpgCustom order Bandana Bib and Burp Cloth Baby Bundle, Country Garden Quilt, Go Fetch! quilt, Custom Order Phone Case.

Hopefully Septembers list will have more ticks, I’ve got no excuse as I will only have Monster no2 at home once Monster no1 starts big school.

As its a round up blog I thought I would also bore you with my Photo A Day photos, as new projects go I was quite pleased, I really enjoyed it and only missed two days.


I’ve enjoyed doing this so much I’m going to carry on with it, here’s Septembers list for any of you who feel the same.


You can find all the rules (there aren’t that many), instructions and the list (I do love a list!) over on Fat Mum Slims blog, she’s the mastermind behind this fun photography project. The basics are, save the list somewhere, each day you take a photo about the word for that day then share it on Twitter/Flickr/Instagram or anywhere else you want to show it off. It’s a great little reminder of what you have been up to and I find it fun to do.

One Step Closer

Well we are back from camping and what an eventful few weeks it’s been. The night before we were supposed to be leaving Pluto decided to dislocate his knee on his “good” back leg, which meant an early trip to the vets the following morning and then a holiday destination change for Pluto. My lovely Mum let Pluto have a staycation at her house so that we could still have a few days away (Thank you Mummy!). Camping consisted of excited monsters shouting, lots of rain and lots of sausages. The monsters had a great time but unfortunately we had to come home a day early as Monster no1 was feeling ill. The tent was a success and we will definitely be going again, hopefully with Pluto.

Since being back I’ve managed to buckle down and finish my second quilt, Country Garden, for the exhibition. Both quilts are now photographed and washed so I just need to attach the sleeves. I’m really pleased with how Country Garden turned out. The bright green Polka dot back and pink Candy Stripe binding work really well with all the bright colours in the patchwork. This quilt is a 51″ square and will be for sale at the exhibition (a percentage of the sale goes to the Heart of Kent Hospice). If you are interested in purchasing this quilt please comment on this post or contact me using the form on the blog.

Country Garden £260Sold

It took me a long time to decide how I was going to quilt this, I spent quite a while just staring at it thinking (it takes a lot of effort you know!). I have always played it safe and worked with straight lines when quilting in the past but wanted to push myself and try something new so decided to go with a few curves. Also I really didn’t want to over quilt it; I thought it would end up looking too busy and spoil the floral top. In the end I settled for quilting a large, simple, line drawing of a flower. I drew the centre and first four petals and gradually built it up from there, I used a variegated green thread, I thought it would blend in well so that the design would only stand out in certain lights. I’m glad I tried something new, it was just want the quilt needed, don’t you think?

Are you going to the HOKH Maidstone Quilt Show? If you are let me know if you see my quilts (29 and 30), if you are entering the exhibition as well let me know as I would love to see your quilts too!

I feel like now these are done I have a quilt shaped hole in my life, I am going to spend the next day or two planning my next projects, I’ve got lots of things on my todo list and in the back of my mind a dirty “C” word keeps popping up – Yup CHRISTMAS. Has anyone else started thinking about Christmas makes yet? I can’t even begin to decide on which scrummy fabrics I want to play with, I do know Aneela Hoey’s Cherry Christmas will be on my list, you can get it now here at The Village Haberdashery!

A quick Catch up

Hi, hope you are all enjoying a sunny Saturday. I would like to be enjoying the sunshine today but instead I’m packing. We are off on our first family camping trip, I’m a complete newbie to all this but luckily Super Husband is a seasoned pro so we should be ok (I hope!).

I think I nearly have everything sorted, I guess I will know for sure when we get there, Ha! I’ve tried really hard to pack light, something I struggle with, I even managed to cut down to only 4 pairs of shoes including my Wellies 🙂


This was the state of my bed last night as I was busy cutting down. I eventually managed to get, mine, Sean and the boys clothes all in one bag, just call me the Queen of traveling light lol.

Before I could even think about packing I had to get Monster no1s quilt finished as he was desperate to take it away with him. I’m also entering it into the Quilt Exhibition at the end of the month. It’s made from Aneela Hoey Sherbet pips, with some blue polka dot thrown in too (can’t remember where it’s from sorry) and a yummy Red polka dot binding to finish.


Here is Go Fetch all finished,


And the back,


The quilting, I don’t why but I was thinking about snails when I did this, must have taken inspiration from all the snails we found at the allotment last weekend.


A very happy Monster no1, don’t you just love a happy customer 🙂

I’m so glad it’s finished, I did enjoy making it but it’s such a nice feeling when you can cross something of your list (I do like a list!). When I get back I have a few days to finish quilting the Country Garden quilt and bind it ready for the exhibition, no pressure then.

I best get the rest of the stuff packed then it’s a camping we will go! Oh before I do that, here’s a quick before and after of our allotment, we all worked so hard last weekend to get it cleared.



What do you think? (excuse the dodgy panoramic shot but I’m still learning how to use 365 Panoramic app properly.)